There have been a few Mr Bean licensed games released in the past year, bringing the wacky character and his crazy adventures on gaming devices, but none allowed players to drive his iconic green mini up until now.

Mr Bean – Special Delivery is a brand new game starring the character and his car developed by Good Catch, the team behind other Mr Bean licensed games like Mr Bean – Around the World, Mr Bean – Flying Teddy, Mr Bean – Sandwich Stack and Mr Bean – Risky Ropes. All games are extremely popular, so there’s no doubt that Mr Bean – Special Delivery will be just as successful.

In Mr Bean – Special Delivery, players will have to get to the finish line of each of the game’s four stages as quickly as possible while making sure not to drop the packages on the top of the car.

While the stages are just four, there are some additional reasons to continue playing the game. The car can be fully customized with Paints, Wheels, Toppers, and Trails, and collecting them all will unlock special bonuses.

Mr Bean car can also be upgraded with power-ups crafted in Mr Bean’s Boost-a-matic, power-ups that will improve the car’s performance.

Mr Bean – Special Delivery is now available in all regions on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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