It’s not often that you get the chance to play the mouse trapped in a cat lab, trying to escape while avoiding all sorts of traps set up to destroy you by evil cat scientists. But that’s exactly what you get from MouseBot, a really fun game that gets more and more difficult as you progress through the levels. And we’re here to help you get the best out of it by sharing with you a bunch of Mouse Bot cheats, tips and strategies to keep on winning.

It’s mostly skill, we know, but any extra advice is useful. So take our advice and check out the MouseBot cheats and tips below to survive your next race and prove those evil cats that you’re the smartest mouse around!


1. Don’t waste your lightning bolts!
The red lightning bolts can be normally purchased for real money in the game’s store. However, you win some from completing all the requirements in all races, so you will pile up quite a few eventually. But make sure you don’t waste them on useless stuff!

In other words, never purchase items for your mouse because they are purely cosmetic. They don’t change your stats, only your appearance. However, you can use the lightning bolts during the difficult races to unlock restarting the race from the latest checkpoint, which can prove useful in the later stages.

But even so, don’t use and abuse this function: try to hold onto your bolts until the 4th series of missions when things start to get really complicated (if you haven’t reached that yet and you think things are complicated now, trust me and wait!).

2. Learn how each obstacle works
If you pay a bit of attention, especially early on when new obstacles are introduced, you will learn how they work. Doing so is vital for your success. For example, the huge machines that drop and try to squish you like a bug will light up just before falling. It also takes a bit of time for them to activate, so when it’s pairs or sets you are dealing with, you can easily (more or less) anticipate their moves.

The same happens with all the other obstacles: see how they work, learn how to easily avoid them and eventually you will get it right!

3. Finishing the race is all that you have to do!
Even though collecting all the cheese is something you’ll want to do at all times in order to get the maximum rewards per each stage, make it your goal to finish the said stage first and only afterwards master it. Playing each stage over and over again will help you learn how it works, how to avoid the obstacles and you will eventually be able to master it. But until then, just complete it to give you a starting point and prove yourself that you can really do it. All stages are doable.

4. Looks don’t matter
With every 100 coins you get, you have the chance to draw for a new customization option for your mouse. All these items are purely cosmetic and don’t affect the gameplay in any way. So feel free to use anything you like: as long as it doesn’t distract you, they’re all good!

5. Practice makes perfect
Go over the same race again and again, learn the turns and especially how the obstacles work. Start working on a new stage when your life meter is full because you will get more attempts and playing multiple times in a row makes it easier for you to complete the said stage. It’s all about learning and performing afterwards: you’re the lab rat here!

6. The timelapse cheat
This is a simple cheat you can use to trick the game into giving you more lives. When you run out of them, simply close the app, go to your device’s settings and set the time forward by a couple of hours. When you get back to the game, you should have your lives replenished and more tries to complete the stages.

These would be for now our tips and cheats for MouseBot. If you have other suggestions for fellow players, let us know by commenting below.



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