It’s November already, meaning that we’re one step closer to the winter holidays and all the goodies they come up with. Until then, though, we have to look at the most important news and articles that the end of October and beginning of November brought for mobile gamers.

Probably the most important news regarding our website is – as I’m sure you noticed already – the fact that we have a new author to tell you about the best news in the mobile gaming world and offer you tips and tricks for your favorite games. Her name is Cristina and you can safely stalk her (or, better said, her articles) here.

She’s a really big fan of Stardew Valley (who isn’t?), so she definitely wanted to help mobile players get started on the right foot by sharing a list of the best crops in the game based on the profits they bring. Make sure to check it out and put it to good use!

We had some truly amazing news this week as well: Diablo is coming to mobile (and the announcement caused quite a storm online), while classics from Nintendo might make their way to smartphones as well. Although the news wasn’t officially confirmed, it seems that Zelda and Donkey Kong games might be in the works for mobile. And Pocket Gamer has a list of things that are a must for a Zelda game on mobile.

And while we’re waiting for the great games to be launched, we can still focus on the ones already available on mobile. And with so many games out there, you’re probably having a tough time finding out the real gems. But, if you’re into cowboys and yee-haws, it’s time to load your Ennio Morricone playlist and check out the 5 best cowboy games on mobile.

And if that’s not enough, there’s even more to choose from: for example, if you’re an Overwatch fan, 148Apps has for you a list of the best iOS games like it, while App Spy created a list of the best RPGs for iOS. Plenty of great games to choose from!

With all this good news, we shouldn’t forget existing games. Marvel Battle Lines is one of them and although it seems to have gone – surprisingly so – a bit under the radar, we still love it and consider it one of the better free RPGs on mobile right now. And if you’re looking to build an unbeatable deck, we’ve got you covered!

Campbell Bird has a really cool guide for fellow Dragalia Lost players (yes, we still love this game as I keep saying every time I have the chance to do so!) In his guide, you will learn how to beat Hypnos – it’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be fun!

Jeremy also has you covered if you’re looking to get better at Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict, a game that gave anime fans many reasons to be happy. And you’ll be even happier after checking out our tips and tricks for this game!

And these would be the most important mobile gaming stories that you should’ve read last week. Things will definitely get intense in these last two months of the year, so stay tuned with us for even more goodies!


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