Mortal Kombat X Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


The latest entry in the visceral fighting game series Mortal Kombat has finally hit consoles. In conjunction with the console release, Warner Bros. have also released a companion mobile game, Mortal Kombat X! Experience simplified one-touch tap fighting that still maintains the over-the-top brutality that you all know and love. Let’s fight to the top with our Mortal Kombat X cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use your special attacks often!

Starting out, your characters will only have access to their level 1 special attacks. Your special attack meter charges up whenever you dish out or receive damage, so it’ll charge up relatively fast. This means that you should use your special attack whenever it’s ready, as they do great damage plus, depending on the character, additional effects. They all require more inputs though, such as tapping a circle rapidly, swiping rapidly, and so forth. The faster you do the action, the more damage you’ll do, so be quick about it!

2. Level up your characters before you tackle the daily event!

As of writing, there are only two modes of play in the game, because it just launched. There’s the regular campaign battle mode, then the daily event mode. The daily event goes on for a certain amount of time, and you play it just like the battle mode. You fight sets of characters, but you’re timed though! We recommend leveling and powering up your characters to at least 5 before you try the bronze level daily event, as we went in with level 4 characters and failed to complete the last match of the tier 1 set. It’s tough, but if you manage to beat a tier, you’re rewarded with more koins than usual!

3. Power up your characters!

You’ll get one silver character from doing the tutorial, so focus on powering it up. Additional kard packs and individual characters are quite pricey, but after the first level of battle mode you should have around 20,000 koins. This is enough to buy one bronze level character, but you should save the koins and use them instead to upgrade your silver character. Before you fight, you can edit your team and power up individual characters. Here you can power up their special attacks, buy/fuse support cards, and give them equipment. If you’re having trouble with some fights, trying powering up your best characters!

4. Know when to defend!

Defense is just as important as your offense. Holding down two fingers will make your character block, reducing incoming damage. If you’re attacking an opponent with your standard 3-hit combo and you see them blocking, stop attacking! If you’re fast enough and not tapping rapidly, your character will stop attacking and you will be able to react. This is important because the last hit in the standard combo has a lot of ending lag, so your character is open to retaliation if your enemy blocked all of the attacks. Remember to also look out for special attacks! You can see your enemy’s special meter at the bottom right – if it’s full, watch out! Play defensively and watch the enemy closely. If you see orange sparks coming out of them, block immediately! Their special attack is about to come out, and if you can block the first hit of it, you might be able to cancel the rest of the special attack.

5. Fight with precision!

As noted by the previous tip, it’s best to not tap blindly. Sometimes when you complete a standard combo, you’ll get the chance for a power attack. Power attacks are strong, single hits that come with swipe prompt. Landing these big hits does great damage, but you might miss it if you’re not paying attention! Fight with precision and skill, don’t just tap randomly.

6. Fuse extra support cards!

You might get support cards that you own already. No worries, as you can fuse them with each other to improve their strength. For some clarification, there’s no complicated formula here – just fuse two same cards to get one more powerful card! For example, if you have two +3% bonus attack support cards, fusing two of them will grant you a +6% bonus attack card. Fusion is a bit pricey, costing usually around 5,000 koins, but it’s usually worth it!

Mortal Kombat X is still new and not all features are unlocked yet. It’s an expansive game so if you have anything else to share, please leave a comment below!

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Mortal Kombat X Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


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