A few days ago we told you about the release of Monument Builders – Colosseum, a new time management game from Anuman Interactive and Microids and today I am happy to share with you my impressions on the game in case you were expecting them before deciding to spend your money on this one.

The game puts you in the shoes of the humble servant of the great Victorius, the man challenged with the task of building the greatest structure that was ever built: the Colosseum! Of course, being such an amazing structure, it attracts some negative influences too from the ruthless Antivirus who does his best to sabotage your works.

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In terms of gameplay, this translates in your familiar, fast paces time management style of play: each stage challenges you to reach specific objectives which get gradually difficult. In order to reach your objective, you will have to cut wood, produce resources, battle the invaders and generally do a lot of tapping everywhere, trying not to get lost in the multitude of things that you can do.

There’s also a time limit, but it’s pretty lenient as Monument Builders – Colosseum does want you to enjoy the experience, not get frustrated in the process. And it is a pretty enjoyable experience: during the first few stages, it will look like that type of game that’s about to become pretty boring fast, with repetitive tasks, but it rebounds quickly and somehow manages to bring in new challenges and increase the complexity level.

In most of the cases, you will have to build different types of resource producing buildings, collect the resources they produce and either stack up enough of them or use them to build parts of the Colosseum. While you do this, you also fight against the enemies by simply tapping them or gathering enough food to tame their wild boars – so in concept, everything is pretty basic, but you never get the chance to feel bored because there’s a solid pace and you’ll always be busy having to tap on something.

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Although the graphics in Monument Builders – Colosseum are not out of the ordinary, they still manage to entertain and offer some eye candy, with bright, colorful houses and workshops, with sweet animations and so on. What I really liked, though, was the music of the game, one that fits the theme flawlessly and always keeps me on my toes. Plus it makes me believe that any moment now Russell Crowe will appear somewhere, wielding his sword. He never does…

All in all, for those who love the time management genre, Monument Builders – Colosseum is a more than decent experience. It doesn’t try to bring any innovations to the table, but sometimes it’s better to stick to the plan that works instead of breaking things with something new and crappy. And this game is far from crappy, it is fast paced, challenging, fun and has a great soundtrack to accompany you to the end!

iTunes link: Monument Builders – Colosseum
Final rating: 8 out of 10


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