When I first heard about Monument Builders – Colosseum, I had a nostalgia rush, remembered the great days of playing Caesar or Praetorian and it was love at first sight. Updated to modern times and bringing what seems to be amazing gameplay, Monument Builders – Colosseum from Microids looks like a must play game for the time management / city building crowd.

In other words, prepare to jump back in time all the way to ancient Rome, when the year 72 sees you, Victorius, in charge of building the Colosseum despite the sabotage attempts of your enemy, Antivirus. Yes, Antivirus!

Not a classic city building game, but a time management approach to building your own city and eventually the Colosseum, Monument Builders – Colosseum has 50 levels to challenge you and is filled with fun facts about the real Colosseum. So you have fun and learn some things to impress the chicks late at night in pubs. Also make sure to read and try to remember these fun facts as they’re not only useful in real life, but in game too as you’ll have quiz questions every now and then and you can earn resources for your city if you answer correctly.

The game has some really amazing graphics and you can purchase it from iTunes, $0.99 for the iPhone version and $2.99 for the iPad.


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