Monsters with Attitude Cheats: Tips & Guide to Always Be the Best

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Monsters with Attitude is an IO game of epic proportions, taking everything you know about the genre to a new level. This means that new strategies have to be taken into account when fighting for the top spot and we’re here to help you with that by sharing some Monsters with Attitude tips and cheats with you.

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Our complete guide for the game will take you through everything needed to know when you start playing the game: from the basics, all the way to more advanced tactics, in this article you will have it all. And if you want more, we’ll have more for you soon – so stay tuned.

Until then, let’s get straight to business and check out some Monsters with Attitude tips and tricks below.

Keep working on unlocking those chests!
The chests in the game are filled with cards, money and premium currency, which are exactly the things that you need to progress and get better, meaner monsters. So make sure that you are constantly working on unlocking those.

Start with the chests that require the least amount of time to unlock, leaving the ones that need more time to open over the night. Take advantage of the option to watch an ad to open a chest (it sometimes pops up): that is a huge advantage!

Also look at the level of the chest you’re working on: go for the ones with the highest number as possible if you have different numbers there. The number represents the League for which the chest will have cards for and you always want the highest league chest to be opened first because it could hold better rewards.

Be smart when upgrading monsters
The thing is that in order to increase your general level, you will need to purchase a lot of upgrades. As you level up, the starting size of your monsters increases.

At the same time, though, money is scarce in Monsters with Attitude and it’s difficult to have everything upgraded at all times.

Therefore, I recommend to upgrade as much as possible, always focusing on the monsters that you enjoy playing with the most, because that’s what you are going to play as in most cases anyway.

Put all the money to work there, but don’t ignore even the weaker monsters because those upgrades reward you with XP points that can be used to level up and they’ll benefit all monsters.

You are pretty much limited by cards when it comes to the things that you can upgrade and level up, so I can’t tell you to upgrade this or that first: just spend your money on whatever you can, but always do it with your favorite monsters first.

What monster is the best?
As you climb up the Leagues, you will unlock more and more monsters, each with their own set of Pros and Cons. The biggest problem with new monsters, in my opinion, is that they start with a bit of a disadvantage from the fact that you will have to work hard to get cards for them and upgrade them.

But apart from that, it’s good to know that all monsters are pretty unique and you can have good results with any type of monster that you play.

I personally prefer, right now, to play Buzz the most because I can easily go underground and hide from incoming missiles, and therefore avoid losing a ton of energy fast, but the starting monster, Rufus is also good in my opinion and I enjoy playing as him as well.

I don’t really like the faster monsters since they are usually smaller – despite their speed advantage – and that is something you don’t want in a game where bigger is better.

But overall, I would say that you should try playing several games with each monster you have and pick the one that best suits your style. Not to mention the fact that the cards and upgrades that you have play an important role… so if you got more cards for a monster than you did for all others, that might be the best one for you!

Rank as highly as possible in the Cup
The cups are extremely important and you should do everything that you can to rank as high as possible in order to bag in the top rewards.

The points you get in the cup rewards the top players and not necessarily the most active, which is a really good thing: your score is calculated as the sum of the high scores you got with each of the monsters that you have unlocked.

This means that you should play with each monster and get a score as high as possible in order to make sure that you rank at the top. You will always compete against players that will have the same monsters that you have – or at least this is my impression so far. And this is a good thing. Skill matters, so everybody has a chance.

Plus, the rewards in the Cups are extremely nice for the top placed players, so you definitely have to do your best with each monster and rank as highly as possible.

Tips to always be the largest monster in battle
Now that we have all these generic tips in mind, let’s switch to some more combat-based advice that will actually help you put your monster to good work during each round and end up on top:

– Take a look at the map when the game starts, while it’s zooming in. Look for the direction you should be heading towards and make a plan early on.

– Always start by dashing into the items that are smaller and destroyed instantly. A large structure will give you more energy, but you will lose too much time early on to destroy it and it’s not worth it. Take things progressively and move to larger and larger items as you get bigger.

– Keep an eye out for opponents: if you see smaller ones that you can hit, go for it and enjoy your energy boost. Stay away from larger ones, obviously. But overall, focus on the environment because that’s where constant growth usually hides.

– Keep an eye out for boosters: early on, there won’t be a lot of those on the battlefield, but as time ticks away, more and more boosts will spawn. Keep an eye out for them, get as many as possible and use them often.

– Also keep an eye for the bombs and other boosts used by opponents. The bombs are the most annoying as they can really suck up a ton of energy out of you. Get out of their active zone whatever method you have on hand (like monster’s special skill, a speed boost or whatever)

– Use your skill at the right time. I consider most skills in the game better used for defense, than for offense. So make sure that whenever you use them, you do it when it’s needed because they need some time to recharge.

For example, even Rufus’ dash is more useful in defense than offense: if there’s a major bomb about to explode, you have higher chances of escaping the blast if you activate the skill for the speed boost, which is more useful than dashing into a building or even an opponent.

These would be our Monsters with Attitude tips and tricks. If you want to read more about the game, you can do so in our recently published review. Also, if you have some additional tips of your own, don’t hesitate to share them with us by commenting below.

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Monsters with Attitude Cheats: Tips & Guide to Always Be the Best

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