Monsters Everywhere is a really nice time management game that challenges you to build a hotel for monsters, puts you in direct competition with a shady monster character and brings a little bit of mystery that you have to investigate and solve to get more goodies. In other words, a complex and well made game that you will surely get to love and I am here to share with you some Monsters Everywhere cheats and tips that will hopefully help you build the best hotel there ever was.

So let’s not waste a single second, it’s time to learn and have fun! Here are Touch, Tap, Play’s Monsters Everywhere tips and strategies!


1. Tap the monsters outside
The little fellows that are just roaming around will sometimes hold valuable goods for you, like money or premium currency. Tap them to make sure you never miss any!

2. Keep on cooking!
Your kitchen is extremely important, because your guests will also want to eat and unless you have what they want, you can’t make extra money. So always keep your cook bus and have a bit o everything ready at all times! What I usually do is simply look at the type of food that I have the least amount of and just have that cooked. This way you will ensure that eventually you will have anything a monster could wish for and make some well deserved extra coins!

3. Themes are the most important
Even though some VIP guests will be trouble as they’ll have strange requests, it’s usually the best possible idea to go for themes for your room. Also, try to only buy the most expensive theme available because pretty soon the starting ones will be obsolete and will give you so little in terms of money that they won’t really matter. Keep them around to meet the needs of a VIP and all your other rooms should have the best paying theme available.

4. Remove the smog to progress
Making money is the most difficult thing in the game, especially since everything is incredibly expensive there. Removing smog is one of the expensive things, but what you have to do if you want to grow your hotel, so remember to do it every now and then. Also, when you see, inside the smog, something that looks like a red balloon – go for that area because you’ll have some goodies waiting for you as well!

5. Plan the construction of your rooms
You have to plan the construction of your rooms carefully: you only have a limited amount of rooms to play with and it’s extremely important to do it right the first time: in order to build a double room, you need two single rooms one next to another; in order to build the tower room, you need two single rooms one above the other and so on. Carefully plan the position of your rooms, then, to make your life easier.

Pro tip: even though you can’t delete rooms after you build them, you can move them around. This helps you organize your space even better, so make sure you do it often!

6. Upgrade your lobby
Don’t waste your premium currency on anything, because you have something extremely important to do with it: upgrade your Lobby. You can only do it by spending premium currency and the prices will go up really soon. So save that money and only spend it on upgrading the lobby, otherwise your progress through the game will be much, much slower!

7. Solve those mysteries!
Douglas will help you investigate all sorts of mysteries as you play and you should do that as often as possible because you get a ton of great rewards out of it. Make sure you read the clues carefully and you send them to investigate at the right place based on the info of your clues, otherwise you’ll be losing a lot of money!

8. Complete the goals!
Goals give you great rewards that help your progress, and you also need to complete them in order to get new and better goals. So even if one doesn’t make sense (like the mission requiring you to decorate a Tower room with Roadside items), do it because that will unlock more and better goals for you to complete.

9. Take your time!
Monsters Everywhere is a really slow paced game and there’s no reason for you to try and rush it. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, so take it as it is. And if you haven’t played it yet, here’s a quick video of me playing the game for the first time and enjoying it a lot:

Do you have other Monsters Everywhere tips and tricks? Let us know by sharing your thoughts below!



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