These ain’t your regular monster trucks! These are monster trucks – literally! Monster Trucks Racing is a brand new physics-based racer based on the upcoming movie from Paramount Pictures. You’re driving monster trucks that are powered by actual monsters! Control your trucks and blast through different themed courses complete with hills, obstacles, jumps, and more! We’ll help you zoom past the competition with our Monster Trucks Racing cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. All about that control!


Like most physics-based 2D racers, you’ll need complete control over your truck to ensure you don’t crash and explode! As the tutorial reminds you, applying the gas makes you tilt backwards, while braking tilts you forward. This lets you control your truck when you’re flying through the air or if you start to get a little unsteady. Make sure to orient your truck before you hit the ground for the smoothest transition from air to ground. This can also save you if you start to tilt too much in one direction!

2. Choose the best truck!

Certain trucks are best suited for different terrain. A lot of them specialize in a specific stat; for example, the Ragin’ Red is more stable than other vehicles. Unfortunately this also means that the vehicle is weaker in some aspect to balance out. In the Ragin’ Red’s case, it’s lacking power compared to, say, the Outlaw. If you’re on a course with short hills that will keep you in the air for a while, the Ragin’ Red’s stability will shine. If you’re on a course that has a lot of steep hills you’ll need to climb, a truck with a lot of power will perform better.

3. Revisit old courses!

We’ve noticed that unlock conditions for the newer vehicles aren’t quite accurate. If you’re trying to go for everything, we recommend just revisiting old levels and making sure that you’ve beaten the top time. A lot of the unlock requirements for the newer vehicles and levels require you to beat a specific level under a certain time. Some of them even ask you to use a certain vehicle, or travel a set amount of meters. Whatever the case, you can do it and hope it unlocks the vehicle for you. When it doubt, just make sure you’re placed 1st on every track.

4. Grab those coins!

When you first unlock a new vehicle, it’ll start out with zero upgrades in every category. It might help to go back to a previous level – preferably a level that has a lot of easy to get coins. The coins in the levels stay in the exact spots, so if you memorize a level that has a full row of them, try playing that one over and over again to upgrade your new vehicle.

That’s all for Monster Trucks Racing. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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