Monster Tail is a new monster collecting RPG! It features monsters from the ever-popular “Pokemon” series. You can collect and train over 100 monsters, and take the world by storm by becoming the best trainer! We’ll help you on your quest to get them all with our Monster Tail Tips & Strategy Guide to collect all monsters!

1. Keep playing through the story!

As you progress through the story mode and defeat the various boss leaders you come across, eventually you’ll be able to claim freebies on the main menu. Just look at the top right corner of the screen. Usually you’ll earn some diamonds, but for completing certain boss levels, you’ll earn 10 shards of a new monster, which means you can summon them right away! Totodile and Squirtle – just to name a few – are gotten through this method. Here’s a tip: if you look in the monster book and look up a way to get a monster, if the only thing mentioned is “obtained from mysterious monster ball,” then you will probably be able to get this monster through playing the story missions.

2. List of all Monsters!

Note that monsters that actually have a drop location will be listed here. Monsters with the mysterious monster ball note will not be listed!

Poison Type

Gastly: Trial Tower 23, 51, 64
Nidoran(M): Arena honor mall
Nidoran(F): Trial Tower 15, 44, 63
Ekans: Trial Tower 12, 40
Koffing: Trial Tower 21, 49
Zubat: Trial Tower 13, 41

Grass Type

Turtwig: Trial Tower 11, 39, 60
Chikorita: Guild contribution store
Bulbasaur: Trial Tower 7, 35, 59
Paras: Trial Tower 19, 47
Caterpie: Trial Tower 3, 31

Water Type

Horsea: Arena honor mall
Magikarp: Trial Tower 26, 54, 69
Piplup: Trial Tower 27, 55, 70
Poliwag: Trial Tower 6, 34

Fire Type

Growlithe: Guild contribution store
Cyndaquil: Trial Tower 25, 53, 66
Charmander: Trial Tower 18, 46, 65
Torchic: Trial Tower 17, 45
Vulpix: Trial Tower 22, 48
Chimchar: Trial Tower 16, 43

Super Type

Abra: Trial Tower 20, 50, 61
Psyduck: Trial Tower 14, 42, 62
Dratini: Arena honor mall
Sandshrew: Trial Tower 9, 37
Jigglypuff: Trial Tower 10, 38
Pidgey: Trial Tower 8, 36

Normal Type

Machop: Guild contribution store
Pikachu: 1st time recharge, Trial Tower 28, 56
Meowth: Trial Tower 2, 30, 58
Elekid: Trial Tower 24, 52

3. Use the Refinery!

In the “melt” building on the main menu, you have access to the Refinery. The refinery can take any monster shard and turn it into a monster stone. Monster stones can be exchanged for other monster shards in the monster store. If you have extra shards of a monster you already have and you don’t plan on upgrading that monster, this is a good way to get different kinds of shards!

So, there you have it. Some tips and tricks on how to get all of the monsters in Monster Tail. If you have any other strategies or secrets to share, leave a comment below!


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