Become a master astromon tamer in the world of Monster Super League! Monster Super League is an all new turned based monster collecting RPG. The colorful and creative creatures of this world are known as “astromons”. They inhibit celestial energy, and it’s up to you to decide which ones you want to capture and train. It does play like your usual monster RPG, but production values are very high in this game! Let’s jump right into it with our Monster Super League cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Watch your elements!

The astromons run on your typical elemental triangle of fire, water, and wood, so always prepare your team around what you’re going to face the most. The enemy astromon AI has a tendency to relentlessly try to exploit your weaknesses, so beware! For example, if you bring a wood element into a fire fight, they will gang up on your poor wood astromon. Watch your elements and make sure you have a plan to cover them if you intend on bringing them!

2. Match gem sets!

As you know, matching gem types in an astromon’s slots will grant them a set bonus. Try to match your gems with the astromon’s role. Let’s say you’re looking to gem your fire type Miho, who is a Tank type. That means she has a lot of health and defense. You might want to augment her with more defense gems, for example. Keep in mind that each astromon’s gem slots are unique to them, and them alone. One fire Miho may have a different set from another fire Miho.

3. Ways to get Astrogems!

  • Completing the fourth mission in each chapter will reward you with an increasing amount of astrogems.
  • Completing certain capture quests, daily quests, and challenges will reward you with a decent amount of astrogems. Clearing all of the Weekly quests will grant you the 100% Clear Reward which is a bunch of astro gems.
  • Be sure to check the Astroguide every time you capture a new astromon. For every new never before seen astromon you catch, you’ll earn free astrogems. You get more astrogems for each evolution stage!

You can spend your astrogems on summoning new astromons. As usual, make sure you buy the biggest pack – the 600 astrogem one. You get 10 summons in this pack with one variant guaranteed.

4. Ways to get Gold!

It may not seem like it at first, but you’re going to need to get all the gold you can get if you plan on getting the best astromons. Just about everything you do that relates to powering up your astromons – eating fruit, evolving and ascending – will start costing lots and lots of gold. As you get to your 4-star and higher astromons, the gold costs will become very pricey. Here are all the ways you can get more gold:

  • Completing missions and quests like usual will reward you with piles of gold. We highly recommend attempting to finish all of your daily quests before they reset, as the 100% Clear Reward is 30,000 gold!
  • Selling extra gems you don’t need is a good way to generate some extra income. It’s not much, but gems aren’t too rare and you’ll be finding a lot of them as you battle through the later levels.
  • Every five levels (every 10 after you hit level 30) you can go into the “Special Package” menu and collect level-up gifts, which are just a bunch of gold piles. They start out at 50,000 then eventually build up to 400,000!
  • Add friends! You can send friends small amounts of gold. If you have a full friends list, it’s a lot of gold! As an added bonus, after you’ve sent gold to a friend five times, you can send them an astrogem!
  • You can also exchange astrogems for gold.

5. Recovery astromons are essential!

If you haven’t already, try to find and invest in a Recovery-type astromon. One of their skills, usually their active skill, will restore health to your team. During the early game, you’ll get by fine with just the red orbs, but eventually enemy astromons will start to hit hard. We lucked out and hatched a wood-type Seiren from the free eggs you get when you start the game. Her active skill heals the whole team. It’s really helpful!

6. Variants are leaders!

Variants are hard to come by, but if you manage to capture one make sure that you set it as your team leader. The only thing different about variants from the normal species is that they have Leader Skills that only activate when… well, you guessed it! With that said, while the leader skills are helpful, don’t worry about trying to find too many variants. Since they’re not too different, they aren’t that much more valuable.

That’s all for Monster Super League! This is quite the game, so if you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


    • Hi Kaden,

      You’ll need to awaken the monster first. When you use the same monster to awaken, it becomes locked into one of the three slots. Once you’ve awakened a monster three times, you can evolve it.

    • You will actually need 4 of the same astromon to evolve it!

      You will need the astromon you want to evolve, then 3 more to awaken it!

      You can always awaken your astromon if you have at least 1 astromon that is compatible. You do not get any special discount if you do all 3 at once, so you can just do one at a time to save space if you have one or two at a time.

      After you awaken the astromon 3 times you will be able to evolve it!

      Just be warned,fully awakening an astromon can cost 60,000g +
      And you have to pay 50,000+ to evolve it!

    • Here’s some quick tips:
      1) You can get wood/fire/water gleems by winning astromon league battles.
      150 league points per gleem, one purchase per week. So you’d have to win 50 astromon league battles a week to get yoir weekly gleem!

      2) Exotics are usually pretty rare, and are usually only obtainable during the event.
      Focus on at least catching 4 of them
      You can use the gleems to awaken them until they can be evolved to stage 2. Then you have 4 of the stage 2 astromon. Allowing you to easily obtain a stage 3 !

      3 gleems per astromon, 12 gleems total.
      Just be patient! It will pay off :)

    • When you enter a region, like “Aria Lake” for example, the first ‘Dungeon’ is usually the one that says “Fruit Bonus!” select that dungeon, turn on 20x battle (make sure you can handle it) and just sit back. Some dungeons offer 2-3 lv. 1 fruit at a time!

      You can also look around and see that there is also a “Gold Bonus” and an “Exp Bonus”

      If you need to farm either of those things, i would recommend do the above strategy!

      If your just farming rares/super rares/legendaries/exotics; I usually set it on x20 battle on the “gold bonus” and just sit back and watch :)

  1. Entering the Astromon league is easy, don’t worry! You can enter the league after you’ve completed the story and unlocked it; Seira should walk you through it!
    She will tell you first, to make a defense team (you only need to put 1 astromon in, but its recommended once you can you fill out your team asap!)
    **Note** Once you put astromon in your defense team, they are locked and have to be manually removed before you can release, fuse, ect.

    After you make your defense team you can start joining battles using one League Ticket. (The green tickets beside your energy)
    If you lose against someone, you can always fight them again and if you win, you get double the League Points!

    **Note** Your opponent can have a hidden astromon, which you can see on the page. Be wary if the team looks too easy and the player is high leveled. Chances are, they have a high leveled astromon hiding!

  2. I am trying to start a clan and can’t invite members to my clan…how do I get new members. My three kids want to join me, but can’t.


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