There’s a whole world of monsters to explore! Monster Raid is an exciting new monster-based RPG! Explore a fragmented island full of exotic environments and discover the amazing monsters within! Each monster can be captured and train, so we’re going to help you become the best monster battler with our Monster Raid cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Exploit elemental weaknesses!


Each monster has an elemental type that has a weakness, but is also strong against another element. Fire is strong against physical, and physical is strong against water, and water is strong against fire. There’s also light and dark, and these elements are strong against each other. If this is too much for you to remember, just keep this in mind: when you’re targeting an enemy to attack, notice that the targets around the enemies will be different colors. A yellow target means normal damage, a green target is strong damage, and a red target means reduced damage.

2. Complete the quests!

Quests are optional missions that change daily. You can see what you currently have by tapping the clipboard icon on the main menu. You can see what objectives you need to fulfill and what kind of rewards you can expect from them. Try to do as many of these as you can, as sometimes they will offer diamonds as one of the rewards, which is this game’s premium currency! Just remember though that if you don’t complete one in time before the day is over, it’ll switch to a new quest!

3. Combine monsters!

Aside from earning experience from battles, you can also level up your monsters outside of them by combining them. If you have extra monsters that you don’t plan on raising, you can fuse them with another monster to power up that base monster. If you use monsters of the same type, they receive bonus experience, so always try to match the types!

4. Enchant your monsters!

In addition to combining, you can also “enchant” your monsters. Think of enchanting like a separate level from your monster’s normal level. When you enchant a monster, they gain a +1 on their portrait. The maximum enchant level is equal to the monster’s regular level, so for example a level 5 monster can go up to +5. Enchanting provides big stat boosts to your monster, but in order to do it you need special materials and some coins. When you select the monster, you can see what material you need. If you tap on it, the info window will tell you where you can find the material.

5. Check the monster book!

If you’re looking for detailed stats on each of the monsters, consult the monster book! You can access it by tapping the menu button at the bottom left and tapping on the blue book. The monster book gives you monster stats, its evolution forms, and most importantly, where to find them! If you’re hunting down a specific monster, be sure to check here first!

That’s all for Monster Raid. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!




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