It’s time to explore the Monster Park! Monster Park is an MMO clone of the ever popular Pokemon series. You’ll create a trainer and set out on your own journey to become a master of the monsters! Adventure and explore through beautiful regions that are home to all sorts of unique monsters. Catch them all, battle other trainers and players and become the ultimate master with the help of our Monster Park cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Effort values!

Want to advance train your favorite pokemon? Well look no further than Effort Values! Effort Values are points that you gain from defeating specific kinds of pokemon. Let’s take Mankey, for example. Defeating a Mankey will cause your current pokemon to gain an ATK effort point. You can check how many effort points your pokemon has accumulated by going to their profile page and tabbing the Values tab. Here you can see how many points your pokemon has of each category.

So what do effort values actually do? Well you see, when a pokemon levels up they gain stat boosts right? Well depending on how many effort values you have in a category, they’ll receive more stat boosts of that corresponding category. For example if your pokemon beat up a lot of Mankeys and got a lot of ATK effort points, they’ll receive a bigger boost in the ATK stat when they level up.

With this knowledge, you can train your favorite pokemon to excel exactly how you want them to. You can even lock individual effort value categories to prevent changing their values around. This is useful because pokemon have a total effort value cap, so you won’t be able to max out everything on one pokemon. You can even reset all of a pokemon’s effort values to zero if you use a Magical Capsule, a rare item obtained from the Capsule Station draw.

2. Claim your rewards!

There are lot of freebie stuff that the game doesn’t tell you about directly. Defeating all of the trainers and earning three stars in each fight allows you to open boxes that have a bunch of goodies in them. You can see if you can open any by tapping the Trainer button next to the minimap. Be sure to beat all the trainers well and you can open all three boxes! Each area has its own set of trainers and boxes to open, so don’t forget!

Opening the minimap lets you access the Regional Pokedex. This will show you the possible pokemon you can encounter and catch in the current area. You can even see the times they show up! You can utilize this to catch them all if you want, and you should! Catching all the pokemon in an area will allow you to open the region box, just like one of the boxes you get from the fighting the trainers. These boxes contain great balls, ultra balls, crystals, and more useful goodies.

3. Fight with strategy!

Winning a typical pokemon battle comes down to mostly preparation and knowing your target. Very little has to do with actual execution. So here’s some important things to keep in mind when you’re heading into a trainer battle.

  • Know your type matchups! If you are at all familiar with pokemon, you know about the different types. Knowing your pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses are half the battle; you’ll need to know the type of your opponent as well! Thankfully, the game is pretty handy in this regard. If you look at your pokemon’s moves, you’ll see which ones are super effective (marked by a handy green arrow).
  • Use moves tailored to your pokemon! Be sure to take a look at your pokemon’s stats. Damage dealing moves are split into two categories: ATK (Attack) and SP (Special). ATK-type moves scale off of your pokemon’s ATK stat, of course, while SP-type moves scale off of the INT stat. Make sure you’re using the right moves that are best suited for your pokemon!
  • Don’t forget about status ailment moves! Status ailment moves can turn the tide of battle for you very easily. Moves that inflict paralysis, poison, and so forth are incredibly helpful; don’t overlook them! They’re marked as AST-type moves. Some of these moves also lower the stats of your enemy or boosts your own.

4. Refight old trainers!

Are you missing artbooks? Remember that you can revisit old areas and refight trainers you’ve already beaten. Each trainer has their own unique drop table. If you’re looking for a specific artbook to breakthrough a pokemon, tap on the artbooks in the breakthrough box and it’ll show you which trainers have a chance to drop them. You can even “raid” them to skip the battle altogether and collect the spoils.

That’s all for Monster Park for now! Have any other training tips and strategies? Let us know in the comments below!



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