Monster Legacy

Now that Nintendo has acknoweledged its troubles, there’s a chance that some of its franchises will reach mobile platforms one way or another. There’s also the chance that Nintendo will use mobile devices in other ways to promote its games and not release some actual games. A shame for mobile only gamers.

If you still want to experience something that’s close to one of Nintendo’s most loved franchises, Pokémon, you may want to keep an eye on Outplay’s Entertainment Monster Legacy.

Monster Legacy’s premise is actually quite similar to the Pokémon series, as you will be controlling a young boy, battle monsters, capture them, make them evolve and so on. Rather than being just similar, it’s almost the same thing.

In Monster Legacy you will not be traveling the world to get medals and become the best Pokèmon trainer. Instead, you will be saving the world of Arborea from the evil Lord Ardur.

The final game is going to include over 60 varied quests that will help you in making your monster team even more powerful. If you have been itching for a Pokémon experience but don’t possess a Nintendo console, Monster Legacy will be the perfect game for you.

Now the bad news: being a free to play game, there’s going to be waiting time and IAPs, which hopefully won’t be too intrusive. Another bad news is we don’t know when the game is going to be released. The team stated that it’s going to be released soon so the wait shouldn’t be too long.



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