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Monster Hunter Stories Tips: Cheats & Guide to Become the Ultimate Monstie Master

Monster Hunter Stories Tips: Cheats & Guide to Become the Ultimate Monstie Master

Monster Hunter Stories has finally been released worldwide on mobile, together with the free to play version, The Adventure Begins – and the game is an awesome spin off that everybody seems to be enjoying. But if you want to get better – both at Monster Hunter Stories and Monster Hunter Stories: The Adventure Begins, tips and cheats is what you need and what you get from us.

In today’s article, we’re going to share the top tips for Monster Hunter Stories, so that you will easily become a master of the game, find the Monster Hunter Stories eggs and unlock Monsties. Plus much more, because there’s a lot to do in the game, including even more running around.

So let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out below our top Monster Hunter Stories tips and cheats in a complete guide for the game!

Always explore and collect
It doesn’t really matter where you are, the important thing that you have to keep in mind is this: explore everything. Go everywhere, make sure you see everything. And, of course, collect everything that you find along your way!

There are many items that might not seem useful early on – but will be needed later in the game. There are also a lot of items you can collect for free during your explorations and used to craft extremely useful items. So always take the time to fully explore all areas you go through and collect everything there.

Learn preferred attacks of Monsties
Each Monstie that you face in Monster Hunter Stories will have a preferred attack type. Even more, those who mix in some other types of attacks, usually use the same pattern. So by simply playing the game and paying attention to the monster attacks, you can easily anticipate (or actually know for sure) what kind of attack they will use.

This means that you can easily select the best attack of your own to overpower the opponent and deal more damage, also winning a potential head to head face-off.

The game uses an easy to remember rock-paper-scissors mechanic that’s listed on the battle screen, so as long as you know or believe that you know what attack a particular monstie will use, you should have no problem making the right choice.

Do the subquests as well
I know that the main story quests are the most interesting and usually most rewarding, but you shouldn’t ignore the sub-quests either because they add up and help you get better faster.

Have in mind when entering a new area, that it is best to accept the sub-quests faster, especially if some Monsite hunting is involved. If you go exploring first and defeat a monster that was part of a sub-quest before actually accepting that sub-quest, you will not receive the reward for defeating them!

Use the Kinship moves
Many people seem to stick to their Kinship attacks for longer than it’s actually necessary. Remember that any Kinship bonus that you have gathered during a battle won’t carry over to another, so there’s no need to pile it up and not use it.

Instead, use the Kinship attacks as soon as possible, knowing that the meter usually fills up relatively fast, and the sooner you get that first move out, the sooner you’ll be able to send the second.

Explore the Monster Dens for Eggs / More Monsties
Monster Dens are obviously some of the most important areas of the game to explore because that’s where you will find Eggs to unlock more Monsties in the game.

It’s vital to take my first tip here and thoroughly explore each Monster Den that you encounter, every time you enter one because there are usually all sorts of great items scattered around.

Also have in mind that if there’s a Monstie to fight in the Monster Den you’re currently exploring, you should hunt/acquire after defeating them. Holding an egg will not allow you to collect extra items, so make sure to get them all before getting the egg.

Don’t rush to release monsters (keep them for genes instead)
You might be tempted to release monsters you collect in the game out in the wild if you get doubles, especially early on – but you should never do that!

Eventually, you will unlock a feature called Rite of Channeling which basically allows you to consume a monster in order to transfer their gene to another. This is an extremely important feature in the game that basically allows you to train your Monsties to supreme levels, giving them skills and attacks that they can’t learn otherwise.

There are secret skills and bonuses that you unlock from the Rite of Channeling, depending on what you select (if you find new ones, don’t hesitate to share them with us):

Fire Damage Up (a complete line of Fire genes)
Water Damage Up (a complete line of Water genes)
Ice Damage Up (a complete line of Ice genes)
Thunder Damage Up (a complete line of Thunder genes)
Dragon Damage Up (a complete line of Dragon genes)
Speed Attack Damage Up (a complete line of Speed genes)
Power Attack Damage Up (a complete line of Power genes)
Technical Attack Damage Up (a complete line of Technical genes)
Max HP Up (simply complete a line with a random gene combo)

Easily win battles by switching your Monsties
Don’t forget to do this often in battle, if needed. There is no penalty for switching your Monsties and you should do it as soon as their health goes low or if you want to take advantage of one of their skills.

In order to switch the Monster you’re using in battle, simply select the dedicated option from the menu, when it’s your character’s turn. You will have to do this in order to win some of the more difficult battles, including the boss battles in the game.

Consider the Weapon Combos for extra damage
There are various combos that you can unlock, depending on the type of weapon you have equipped. In order to unleash a combo attack that deals devastating damage, you need to follow a particular combination of attacks in battle.

For example, in order to unleash the Combo bonus of the Great sword, you need to use two consecutive attacks of one kind and one of another (like Power, Power, Technical or Speed, Speed, Power). For the Hammer, for example, going with three Power attacks in the row unleashes the combo.

There are also other combinations of moves that unleash combos in Monster Hunter Stories and it’s a good idea to go for them, even if one of the attacks that you will use won’t be as powerful against the Monstie you’re fighting. It will still deal, overall, more total damage in the end.

These would be our Monster Hunter Stories tips and tricks. Do you have anything else to add to help fellow players improve their strategy? Help up make this guide better by sharing your comments below.

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Monster Hunter Stories Tips: Cheats & Guide to Become the Ultimate Monstie Master


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