Hermitaurs are a recurring enemy in the Monster Hunter series and Monster Hunter Stories 2 features them as a common enemy. Though Hermitaurs don’t make for particularly exciting or challenging opponents, their parts are necessary for crafting and upgrading a number of weapons and armor sets, like the Crimson Club and Tigrex Armor.

Hermitaurs can be found in the Sadona Barrens, right outside of Lulucion. Quite a few of them can be found scurrying around the hillside a bit to the left of the city’s exit. This is also a good place to find Daimyo Hermitaurs, their larger relatives. They can also be found around the Zeramon Oasis.

Once you’ve completed the game’s story and entered the postgame, you might find that you need items classified as “Hermitaur Material+,” which denotes that they can only be found in high rank content. High rank materials can’t be found in the overworld (at least outside of the Elder’s Lair), but they still aren’t especially hard to find.

If you’re after high rank Hermitaur loot, go to the Sadona Barrens or Jalma Highlands and look for high rank monster dens, which are characterized by their striking red appearance. Gold-tinted rare high rank dens work, too.

In these, you can find Hermitaurs, Daimyo Hermitaurs and even Plum Daimyo Hermitaurs roaming around. Naturally, defeating them will provide you with the materials specific to these monsters.

High rank Hermitaurs can additionally be found in the second zone of the Elder’s Lair, if you’ve already explored up to that point.

Those are all of the best locations for finding Hermitaurs. Happy hunting!

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