Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Get the Best Genes

Genes in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin allows you to change your Monster’s abilities and performance. Each monster has a certain number of slots for genes, but you cannot put all of them into just one Monster. Thus, choosing the best genes for your creature is an important task.

The rarest and most powerful genes in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin are Rainbow Genes, which can be quite difficult to get. This guide will tell you how to get the best genes in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

How to get the Best Genes in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Rainbow Genes can be used as genes of any element. As effective as these genes are, they are very difficult to come by, so you should be prepared to farm.

The Rainbow Genes in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin can be found in the Rainbow Eggs. These are able to provide you with stronger monsters. However, Rainbow Eggs don’t have a 100% chance of giving you a Rainbow Gene, so you will need to grind and farm them a lot.

The first thing you should do to increase your chances of getting a Rainbow Gene is to go to the Prayer Pot. There, you need to offer a lucky charm. Then you can move to the second step: you will need to go to the place where the monster you need spawns. Seek out the rare dens, wherein you can find a Rainbow Egg. Be patient and keep farming, and eventually you will get some Rainbow Genes.

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