Monster Hunt Rise: Sunbreak poster

Capcom teased more about the Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, starting with the name of the Dracula-like Elder Dragon, Malzeno. But that’s all the team revealed about Monster Hunter: Sunbreak’s star monster.

Shogun Ceanataur is the other old monster returning to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It is a huge crab-like Carapaceon creature that lives in other monsters’ skulls. It has razor-sharp folding claws and a pressurized water jet from its mouth. A hard nut to crack without explosives or blunt weapons.

Here are a couple of Monster Hunter Rise videos: Malzeno and Shogun Ceanataur are both teased by their Official Twitter Handle:

  • Shogun Ceanataur

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Teaser

On the one hand, it’s a shame that the returning monster isn’t Zamtrios, Agnaktor, or Tetsucabra, since the base game already teases them. However, Shogun Ceanataur already has a “beefed-up version” in the form of Rustrazor Ceanataur Deviant from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

And many people believe Rise’s Apexes are reskinned Generations Ultimate’s Deviants, several fans appear to have predicted this. Even if you don’t get a Flying Wyvern or a Brute Wyvern, it’s still nice to have a non-Flying Wyvern or Brute Wyvern monster.

Unlike Magnamalo, Malzeno is classified as an Elder Dragon. Its capabilities were not revealed, but given its designation, you can expect it to be an affront to the Monster Hunter World’s natural order in some way.

Of course, until Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is released next year, Capcom has plenty of time to reveal additional returning (and new) monsters. Which monsters would you like to see make a comeback?

That’s all for today, guys! Tell us what you think of this and what are your expectations from the developers? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned to TouchTapPlay for more news and updates about the same.

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