Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise introduced many new mechanics that spiced up the experience a bit. Among them are Switch Skills, new skills that can be swapped out with others to create a customized moveset.

Here are the Switch Skills you can learn for the Long Sword weapon type.

Long Sword Switch Skills

Drawn Double Slash

The Drawn Double Slash, performed by pressing the X button, is a draw attack that attacks the enemy twice while absorbing attacks and moving forward. Great for Spirit Blade combos.

Spirit Reckoning Combo

The Spirit Reckoning Combo, which replaces the Spirit Roundslash Combo, is performed by pressing ZR after Spirit Blade II. This move has a long execution time and can be easily interrupted, but the high damage is well worth the risk.

Silkbind Sakura Slash

The Silkbind Sakura Slash, which replaces the Soaring Kick, is performed by pressing ZL and X. This skill is a fast, forward-moving attack that also increases the Spirit Gauge by one. It consumes one Wirebug upon use.

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