Monster Hunter Rise Lance Switch Skills Guide

Monster Hunter Rise

Switch Skills are among the best new mechanics introduced in Monster Hunter Rise, giving players the chance to customize the moveset of each weapon in the game and come up with some new, devastating combos. Not all Switch Skills may be better than the skill they replace, sure, but having more options at one’s disposal is never a bad thing.

Here are the three Switch Skills you can learn for the Lance weapon type.

Monster Hunter Rise Lance Switch Skills

Spiral Thrust

Spiral Thrust replaces Anchor Range, and is performed by pressing ZL and A. This skill is extremely useful while in a pinch, as it lets you block attacks with the shield and close in with the help of a Wirebug. The dash’s direction can be controlled with the left stick, making it a great defensive skill.

Shield Charge

Shield Charge replaces Dash Attack, and it is performed by pressing ZR X and then A. This skill comes with great defense and mobility, as it lets you get close to enemies with the shield up. In case you bash into the enemy while your shield is up, you will deal blunt damage.


Insta-Block replaces Guard, and is performed by pressing ZR as soon as an enemy attack connects with you. If you time this block right, you can unleash a Cross-Slash attack by pressing X. Great for players who have amazing knowledge of any monster’s attack patterns.

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Monster Hunter Rise Lance Switch Skills Guide


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