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Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance Switch Skills Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance Switch Skills Guide

The addition of Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise is a very welcome addition, as it spices up the experience quite a bit by letting you customize the moveset of each of the game’s 14 weapon types. While you need to put in some work before you can obtain the first Switch Skills, all the effort will be worth it, as some of these Switch Skills are quite good and open up some very interesting combat options that would not be available otherwise.

Here are the three Switch Skills available in Monster Hunter Rise for the Gunlance weapon.

Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance Switch Skills

Blast Dash

Blast Dash replaces Charged Shelling, and it is performed by holding A when charged. This skill can also be performed in the air by pressing ZR and A. This Switch Skill grants you great mobility, as it launches you forward by using the weapon’s recoil.

To learn this Switch Skill, you will need to craft and upgrade multiple Gunlances, as it belongs to the second set of Switch Skills.

Ground Splitter

Ground Splitter replaces the Hail Cutter move, and it is performed by pressing the ZL and X buttons. This Switch Skills lets you unleash, in exchange of one Wirebug, an upward slash after scraping the ground. While the skill is not particularly damaging, it increases shell, Wyrmstake Shot, and Wyvern Fire damage temporarily, so it does come with tangible benefits.

To learn the Ground Splitter Switch Skill, you need to complete the Feathered Frenzy quest and then talk with Master Utsushi.

Guard Reload

Guard Reload replaces Quick Reload, and it is performed by pressing ZR and A on the ground. This Switch Skills starts with a Guard and then reloads Shells and Wyrmstake Cannon. The reloaded amount is lower than that of a regular reload, so it should only be used in a pinch while in combat.

To unlock Guard Reload, you will have to complete the rank 6 Grasp the Gunlance hub quest.

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Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance Switch Skills Guide


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