Monster Hunter Rise Gathering Palico Abilities And Guide

Monster Hunter Rise

The Palicos in Monster Hunter Rise can provide some extremely useful help to hunters, no matter their skill level and the situation they are in. Knowing which Palico is best suited for your playstyle is extremely important, as their help can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Among the Palico types is the Gathering Palico, which provides extremely varied support that is great in a lot of diverse situations.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Gathering Palico in Monster Hunter Rise.


The Gathering Palico is among the most unique in Monster Hunter Rise, as it helps players find rare materials that can be used to craft better gear, but it can also provide some solid assistance in combat, taking advantage of Endemic Life as well. Due to the variety of uses its Equipped Moves have, you should bring a Gathering Palico with you only if you feel like you have excellent knowledge of the gameplay mechanics, and can take care of offensive, defensive, supportive, and healing basic needs by yourself.

Equipped Moves

Like all other Palico, the Gathering Palico learns Equipped Moves at level 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20.

Endemic Life Barrage – Fires endemic life at monsters from a ballista. Results vary according to launched creatures.
Mega Boomerang – Hurls a gargantuan boomerang based on weapon attack type at foes.
Camouflage – Your Palico conceals themselves temporarily, preventing them from being targeted by monsters.
Shock Tripper – Drops a lingering electric field that inflicts thunderblight on monsters within it.
Pilfer – A boomerang attack that steals materials from monsters.

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Monster Hunter Rise Gathering Palico Abilities And Guide


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