Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise lets players team up to take down the most fearsome of beasts, but also play the game solo and enlist the help of Palicos and Palamutes. Palicos in the game come in different types, and they can all be quite helpful, depending on the player’s style and knowledge of the game mechanics.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fight Palico.


The Fight Palico is among the Palico types that only the most experienced players should pick. This Palico is geared towards offense, providing some useful buffs to the player such as attack and defense buffs and more. As these Palicos are meant to fight alongside the player, those who require a little bit more assistance during fights would do better in picking another type, such the Healer type.

Equipped Moves

The Fight Palico learns five different Equipped Moves. The first one is available at level 1 already, while the others are learned at level 5, 10, 15 and 20.

Rousing Roar – Lets loose a fearsome roar, empowering Buddies and hunters.
Whirlwind Assault – Spins around using their weapon to create a whirlwind, then rams into monsters.
Power Drum – Sounds a drum that raises attack and defense for both hunters and Buddies.
Fleet-foot Feat – Draws a monster’s attention, skillfully evades their attack, then mounts a counterattack.
Furr-ious – Your Palico becomes fur-ious. In this state, their attack power increases drastically.

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