Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Switch Skills Guide

Monster Hunter Rise

The introduction of Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise has possibly made the experience even deeper than before. While the vast majority of each weapon’s moveset is hardly affected by the new skills, the ability to switch out three moves per weapon lets players come up with new devastating combos.

Here are the three Switch Skills that can be learned for the Dual Blades weapon.

Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Switch Skills

Demon Flight

Demon Flight replaces Demon Flurry Rush and it is performed by pressing A while in Demon Mode. With this mode, the hunter will plunge the blades on the ground to unleash a jumping spinning attack that is great to hit monsters in the air or tall ones whose weak point is difficult to normally reach.

Feral Demon Mode

Feral Demon Mode replaces Demon Mode, so it is performed by pressing ZR. This enhanced version of Demon Mode is an offensive variant that lets you deal damage while dodging. Depending on your playstyle, it can be extremely useful.

Tower Vault

Tower Vault replaces Piercing Bind, and it is performed by pressing ZL and X. This Switch Skill consumed one Wirebug and doesn’t deal any damage, but it is a great way to get propelled in the air to unleash aerial combos.

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Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Switch Skills Guide


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