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Monster Fishing Legends Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Monster Fishing Legends Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

The sea is a vast, open dreamland home to the wackiest creatures you could ever imagine! Monster Fishing Legends lets you fish up those exact creatures from your dreams, so grab your trusty fishing boat and let’s go hunting! Our Monster Fishing Legends cheats and tips will help you master the timings, currents, and more!

Monster Fishing Legends is a pretty simple game, but it demands some rather strict timing. We’ll help you perfect the art of monster fishing with our Monster Fishing Legends cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Get a feel for the reel!

The most important rule of Monster Fishing Legends is: short taps for deep baits, long taps for higher baits. It’ll take some practice before you can get a general idea of where your bait is going to land, but keep at it and you’ll have it down in no time. A small trick that helps us is to listen to the “ticks” when your holding down the reel. The more ticks you hear, the higher your bait will end up.

Master the currents!

You can tell how much a current will your push your bait by the speed of the bubbles moving through the current. There seems to be three speeds: slow, moderate, and fast. Sluggish bubbles are the slow current, while somewhat fast bubbles are the moderate currents. The bubbles that are moving swiftly are the fast currents, and these push your bait the most.

Adjusting your boat depends on how much you think you will need to compensate for the distance. For the slow and moderate currents, you do not need to move too far. For the fast currents, your boat needs to be a sizable distance. Be sure to adjust as needed!

As a side note, currents will not change if you miss a bait, so you can readjust your timing if you end up missing. Once you finally land a bait, the current will then change.

Better accuracy means more coins!

There are three states of accuracy in terms of hitting the target marker. Getting inside the outer ring counts as a “barely made it,” which only nets you 2 coins. Getting inside the inner ring counts as “nice job,” which gives you 5 coins. Landing right in the center counts as a “bullseye,” earning you a nice 10 coins, and it also moves the monster up the most.

While this doesn’t seem substantial, it adds up when you start to rack up the bullseyes. Keep practicing until you get a feel for the reel, and then you will start bringing in the coins!

Feel free to continue using coins!

If you run out of bait, you will lose a life and have to retry the level from the beginning. However, you can spend about 800 coins to continue right away, without sacrificing your progress with the monster. After a couple of levels, there doesn’t seem to be anything else you can spend your coins on, so go ahead and use your coins to continue.

That’s all for Monster Fishing Legends! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Monster Fishing Legends Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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