Run your own underground restaurant in Monster Chef, a stylistic approach to cooking games! As a new member of the Society of Dark Cuisine, it is your task to explore the unexplored to find wacky monsters to harvest their strange yet delicious ingredients. Put the monsters on a farm, gather ingredients, and cook up some fantastic dishes to delight the surface dwellers. Our Monster Chef cheats and tips will show you how to become the ultimate chef – monster chef, that is!

Monster Chef will draw you in with its slick, unique art style and keep you with its addictive and rewarding gameplay. There’s lots to do in the underground, so let’s get started with our Monster Chef cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Beware of dangers on the overworld!

When you’re out exploring the world for monsters, beware of traps! They’re distinguishable by the usually colorful animations on the tile. For example, you probably don’t want to move over that hole in the ground that’s spouting giant fireballs! Moving through a trap can deal up to a massive 500 damage to your ride, which can very well cut an expedition short.

On top of that, some of the monsters you’ll run into are aggressively and cannot be captured. If you’re spotted by them, they’ll chase you down and attack your ride, depleting your fuel in the process. Be sure to stay clear of any monster that doesn’t have a green exclamation mark next to them!

Grab all the treasures!

There’s good things on the overworld too! Chests will spawn randomly around the map, and they contain coins and other goodies. You can also find skeletons with blue bags that contain catalysts and broken recipes.

If you find all the monsters on an expedition but not all the treasures, the game will ask if you want to continue exploring. Be sure to do so, so you can grab all potential goodies. The game will automatically take you back home upon finding every treasure.

Save your Magic Potions!

Magic Potions are the premium currency of this game, and they’re quite hard to come by. You can use them for convenience options like speeding up food production and bag opening, but we recommend hanging onto them due to how scarce they are to get for free.

You can use them to purchase new rides, and we recommend you only spend them this way. New rides can really help you out in the overworld, but they’re quite expensive even if you’re buying them with magic potions so you better start saving as soon as possible!

Don’t waste explorer’s bags!

Every time you find treasure or capture a monster on the overworld, you may stumble upon an explorer’s bag. These bags must be taken home and opened over time, some taking up to four hours to open. It’s worth it though – explorer’s bags are the only way to earn the rare Seasonings that allow you to upgrade your dishes.

With that said, be sure you don’t waste any opportunities to get bags. You only have four bag slots back at your base, so if you find anymore bags it’ll go to waste. Try to have opening at all times. The common bags can also be immediately opened if you watch an advertisement, if that’s okay with you.

Try everything to find new recipes!

If you don’t have any broken recipes or full recipes to go off of, discovering new dishes is simply trial and error. Remember to keep an eye on the gauge at the bottom of the pot – the more full it is, the higher chance of you successfully cooking a new dish. If you’ve got the extra coins to spare, feel free to experiment with what you’ve got. It doesn’t actually take any of your ingredients when you’re experimenting, so feel free to go wild.

Dishes usually have more than one combination of ingredients to create them as well, but don’t feel bad if you end up making a dish you already know. The dish is upgraded upon discovering an alternate recipe, with one of the three main stats increasing.

That’s all for Monster Chef! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


    • That seems to be the case. At higher levels, you do get expensive dishes so make sure you sell profitable dishes. Also having high level cooking pots. Mine is 25-26 each so good for overnight cooking. When i wake up, i can get 1.5mil with a mortal banisher.


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