Monster Busters Cheats: Tips and Tricks to Keep on Bustin’


Monster Busters is a brand new match three game that steps up the cute (and the challenge) and easily becomes one of our favorite games on the iPhone and iPad. And even though easy to play, it’s difficult to master, so I have decided to come and share with you a set of Monster Busters cheats: tips and tricks that will make it as easy to complete level 36 in the game as it is completing level 11.

So in case you want to step up your game, check out our Monster Busters tips and tricks to keep on bustin!

Always be on the lookout for mega matches
I call “mega matches” the matches that result in a special item in Monster Busters: these are the key to victory and tons of points. So always look, when starting the game, to create matches of five pieces in a row, or even better, different shapes – like the T or L shape, for the candy blaster or the mega bomb.

Always start matching at the bottom
Unless you need to free some Gingermen or something similar that requires you to work on different areas of the board, always start your matches at the bottom (after checking out for mega matches). This way you will get more chances for chain reactions and it will be easier for you to complete the requirements of each mission.

Replay levels
There are particular levels that seem to be created to be extremely difficult and luck pays a major part in these levels (I consider “luck” the starting board and the number of matches you get). A fresh board might give you a different arrangement and make it easier for you to beat the level. Don’t worry – nobody finishes them all in their first try!

It’s not all about the high score
Sometimes, simply completing the level is good enough, so in the cases of those difficult stages (or boss battles in Monster Buster), focus on completing the given level and ignore the high score. You can replay a level as many times as you want, so you will get your chance to come and get your revenge. For boss battles, for example, try to build your game around the boss to attack it as often as possible (have in mind that corners don’t count!) and go for it!

Connect the game to Facebook
Everything will be a lot easier for you if you connect your game with Facebook. Of course, you will also need people who play the game, but I am sure you will find a way to convince them to start playing the game.

Use special items with caution
It’s never a good idea to take an item with you without knowing that you’re going to have a tough time trying to beat the level, because that special item will be used it anyway. So play a level and only if you consider it too difficult to beat, bring in a special item (or more) the next time you play.

These would be for now the Monster Buster tips and tricks that we have to share with you. If you have other strategies that work, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!

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Monster Busters Cheats: Tips and Tricks to Keep on Bustin’


  1. Monster busters WAS my favorite game until I reached stage 50, No. 97. My score is 9,980 because I keep achieving, but the game
    will not advance to 98. Sometimes even after I again reach the goal and press “play” it will drop me to level 93. I cannot
    go anywhere. Please fix this stupid nonsense which makes no common sense! I am completely frustrated! If I couldn’t pass the
    requirements, then it would be entirely my fault. I t isn’t! Thanks for listening, I’m done!

    • Maybe you need to update the App or Sync your phone with Facebook? Or even try logging out and then back in with FB? Uninstall and Reinstall the App often works out some bugs too! If you’re on an iPhone, often just turning your phone off and back on again, after at least 10sec, can help as well! Just a few things I’ve learnt along the way :)

  2. I love this game.. so addictive but at the moment its driving me insane.. I can’t get past secret level stage 5… please can somebody hep? Many thanks for reading,
    Lizzie x

  3. The instructions for each level do not stay on screen long enough to read them! Sometimes they flash on so fast you have. O clue as to what you are supposed to do. Can this be fixed please . Thanks

    • When your game board comes up you will look at the bottom and it will show you how many gingerbread men you have to free and if there are none then on the left hand side of the screen it will tell you how long you have to get a certain amount of points.

  4. I am stuck on 132 door 233. You have to get 35 red and blue monsters but by the time I finally get these colors to show I’m out of moves help!!!

  5. I’m working on door 200 and above and keep getting knocked off with “TIME OUTs”. What am I doing to trigger this and how can I avoid it? I often have lots of moves left when it goes “TIME OUT”.

  6. Watch the numbered bombs each time you use a move the number on the bomb goes down. When it hits zero you’ve timed out whether you have moves left or not.

  7. Cant figure out how to save the gingerbread s on stage 182. I get both hammers but can only use one. Cant figure how to get to the gingerbread a. Help any one would be great. Thank you

  8. Please help me!!

    Im on level 671 at door 1128 and i have to take down 12 gingerbread men but there is only 11?! I took down 11 at a short time and i got 9 moves left but no one showed up….Please help me. Where is the 12s gingerbreadman?

  9. ok I’m in a quest challenge secret stage 241 the monsters have springs on them and of course a solid wall I have no clue on this one HELP! PLEASE.

    • You must play in a Weekly Championship and you must come in among the first 10% to get a bronze Master badge, among the first 5% to get a silver one and among the… I don’t know, maybe the 1% to get a gold one.
      Good luck!

  10. I’m on level 745, its tough but I’ll get it. Keep on trying, sooner or later you will beat whatever level you are stuck on at the moment! Good luck to you all.

    My question is, it seems sometimes that I have only one move left, I will make the move only to find that I somehow still have one move left! Has this happened to anyone else?

  11. I finished den #31 on friday @ 10:30am and still did not recieve my next den as of sunday @11:39am can someone please tell me why this is happening

  12. Im on level 108, can’t seem to get past it. On the Weekly Championships, I’ve gotten through 2 but I just can’t beat that 3rd door. I actually have no idea w h at Im supposed to do to those “bosses”! Help!!!

  13. I always run out of coins. Is there somewhere like on farmtown where I can get free coins so I can continue playing Monster Busters. please reply to my e-mail.

  14. By pure dumb luck (on some levels) I have made it up to floor 172 and Level 298. It says I have to mix specials, no matter what I do I cannot seem to pass this level. I dont understand what they mean by mixing specials. Every time I try to “mix” a special it doesnt count. What is the special mix they are looking for? I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thank you!

  15. The game allows for smashing the monsters while going from floor to floor between actually going to rooms to play a game, but other than the satisfaction of whacking them I don’t see added points or coins. What’s the purpose?

  16. I am on stage 768 but just not able to get through. I had even stopped playing the game but now I started and still waiting to clear. There are videos on this but I want proper tips and tricks as to how to clear this stage.

  17. Hit the left side red button and it will open the left side in the center and you have 1 turn to get rid of as much as you can. Do that on the left side and it will do the same thing. Keep hitting those side red dots and you can get the center completed


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