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Monopoly GO: How to Get Free Stickers

Monopoly GO: How to Get Free Stickers
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Monopoly GO is one of the most popular takes on Monopoly, with a few unique twists. Collectible stickers are certainly one aspect that differentiates GO from various other Monopoly games. Let’s see how you can get free stickers!

Getting Monopoly GO stickers for free

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Stickers in Monopoly GO are unlocked once you reach Net Worth 15. Like many collectibles, sticker packs can be purchased for real-life money, but there are several ways to earn packs for free, through gameplay or by trading with others.

First, you can take part in regular Monopoly GO events like Cash Grab or High Roller. For instance, the event Tax Refund Milestone awards a special sticker pack alongside 7,500 dice, but only if you complete it entirely.

Second, Tournaments represent another milestone-based game mode that can give you sticker packs. However, only the highest-ranking players will get those packs, and your chances will largely depend on both luck and the strategy you choose.

If you’ve connected your game to Facebook, you can also participate in the Sticker Trading Group. There, you can ask the group for stickers that you’re missing and trade some of your duplicates for a particular piece you want.

Finally, you’ll get free stickers by logging into the game through the Daily Treats. These are daily freebies, and a sticker pack will come up on Day 4.

What are the stickers for on Monopoly GO?

Stickers in Monopoly GO are primarily collectibles, but they serve another, more practical purpose, too. Namely, if you complete a collection, you can get valuable rewards, including money and dice. More dice, of course, means more rolls, which translate into faster in-game progress.

From the collector side, we have to mention that the stickers in Monopoly GO have a unique style. The collections are based on particular themes like mythology or history. Each sticker represents a character tied to the collection theme, and every card is done with the recognizable Monopoly aesthetic.

What happens to extra stickers in Monopoly GO?

If you have extra stickers, i.e., duplicates, you can exchange them for various rewards in the game store. However, this approach is more useful for players with mostly filled-out collections. If you want to complete your collections quicker, the better option would be to trade stickers through the Facebook group.

This completes everything you need to know about getting free stickers in Monopoly GO. Keep an eye out for our Game Guides articles since we’ll have more pieces on this and other mobile games that are currently hot.

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Monopoly GO: How to Get Free Stickers