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How to Trade Stickers in Monopoly GO

How to Trade Stickers in Monopoly GO
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You can now earn sticker packs every time you complete a goal in Monopoly GO! These packs contain a random assortment of fun little stickers, each one belonging to a certain themed album. If you manage to complete an entire sticker album, you can earn some nifty rewards. For avid collectors, you can even dabble in trading to complete your collections sooner, so here is how to trade stickers in Monopoly GO.

Trading stickers in Monopoly GO

From the main menu, tap on the Album button on the bottom menu bar to see a full list of sticker albums. Find the album with the stickers you want to trade, and then tap on it.

Once you are in the album, tap on the sticker in question that you want to trade. Please note that you only get the option to trade if you have at least one duplicate of the sticker in question; you cannot trade a sticker if you only have one copy. All stickers that you have duplicates for are marked by a + and a number.

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After you have selected the sticker you want to trade, tap on the Send button. The game then asks you to choose a friend that you want to send the sticker to, and it pulls from your friends list and your Facebook friends list, if you connected that. You are limited to five trades a day.

Looking to trade with other fans of Monopoly GO? Be sure to join the official Monopoly GO Facebook group, as they host trading forums there. You can post what you want and what you are willing to trade, and if you find someone interested, you can add them to your friends list and start the trade.

Please abide by the rules and make sure to honor all your trades. If you encounter someone that does not hold up their end of the trade, be sure to report them to the group. Happy trading!

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How to Trade Stickers in Monopoly GO