Help some cute monkeys fulfill their dream of space travel in Monkeynauts, a new idle/merging game from the creators of cute and cuddly games like KleptoCats! You are pioneering a new space program that will send monkeys into space, and now you’ve got to help them evolve fast enough to be ready for travel! Our Monkeynauts cheats and tips will show you how to merge to get lots of monkeys!

Like most idle games, Monkeynauts is all about waiting once you’ve done all you can. Let’s get started with our Monkeynauts cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Don’t buy too many monkeys!

For quicker access, you can buy a level of monkey you have discovered by merging through the big button at the bottom. The higher level the monkey is in the evolution tree, the more expensive they will be. Also, every time you buy a certain monkey through this method, their price will gradually increase.

Because of this, you don’t want to buy the same type of monkey too much! Otherwise, their market price will be way too high and you will actually be saving money if you just merge them.

Keep merging from Earth!

Your starting base is on Earth, and before your monkeys can travel into space, they will need to reach maximum level. Upon leveling up past Eugene, your monkey will turn into a big guy. Level them up one more time and they will automatically be sent into space as a new type of monkey.

Your new monkeys will continue to generate coins for you once they’ve hit the moon, but you’ve probably noticed something: you don’t get free monkeys on the moon! You can still merge, but in order to get more monkeys into space you will need to start at the very base, and that’s Earth.

Grab the upgrades!

The Piggy Bank collects money for you when the game is closed. Leveling up will make it collect money for longer, meaning less trips into the game to empty out your earnings. Express Delivery makes incubators spawn faster, which is great for the active player. Both first level upgrades are free, but after that you will need to pay 30 gems to increase them any further.

Save up your gems!

These upgrades are great, but in order to get more you need a LOT of gems! You can earn gems for free from the daily login bonus, so make sure to log into the game every day at least once. You can also watch an advertisement to get free coins and/or gems, so do that too.

Complete missions and double your coins!

In addition to the chests, you can double your coin production temporarily by watching an advertisement. If you’re buying a lot of monkeys, you may need to do this. Another way to earn coins is to complete missions. Missions reset every day and they can be done to earn quite a lot of coins. Check the list every day to see what you need to do!

That’s all for Monkeynauts! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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