There ain’t no funny monkey business around here – just good old fashion rope swinging! Monkey Ropes is a challenging one-touch game where you’ll need to lead two monkeys safely out of the jungle. Our Monkey Rope cheats and tips will help you get far and land a new high score!

Get ready, because this game is near Flappy Bird levels of difficulty, so let’s get started with our Monkey Ropes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Watch out for the hungry animals!

Speaking of animals, be careful! The jungle is full of creepy crawlies that are looking for their next meal.

  • Porcupines are slow moving animals that will move back and forth on a platform. They’re designed to keep you from staying on a certain platform for too long, so be ready to keep jumping when you see one.
  • Snakes are stationary obstacles. They don’t move and will only strike if you touch them, so just jump around them.
  • Piranhas are feisty little guys! They will jump out of ponds with fixed intervals, so wait until the coast is clear until you try to cross bodies of water.
  • Crocodiles, the classic water obstacles, come in two forms. Resting crocodiles will be sitting on the water’s surface. You can only board them safely if their mouth is closed, so watch out! Jumping crocodiles will wait in the water and snap up like the piranhas do. Wait until they go back under to cross.
  • Condors will fly by and try to swoop down on your monkeys. You’ll be alerted to their presence when you see a big exclamation mark on the right side of the screen. Get ready to duck or jump over them!

Don’t give up!

Never give up! You can still save the day even if you have one monkey down a hole! As long as you have the other monkey on a stable platform, the other monkey will dangle from the cord. You can safely bring the other monkey back up to ground with well-timed jumps, but make sure you don’t send your other monkey into a hole as well! This is of course all assuming that your poor monkey hasn’t fallen into a hungry animal’s sight…

Use your jackpot on a big haul!

Your jackpot gauge will increase every time you finish a run. You can spin the jackpot roulette when the gauge is full, which will double that run’s coin haul by x5, x10, or x100! Don’t worry if you end up getting few coins on a run because you don’t need to use it right away. In fact, the jackpot gauge will stay full until you use it, so save it for a run when you get a ton of coins.

Jump safely!

Never jump too far ahead of your other monkey. The camera doesn’t move up right away so you might throw yourself right into danger! Use small and light jumps especially when you’re over bottomless pits. Slowly inch up towards the end of the platform until you see the next platform you need to jump to. Using this technique will allow you to slowly but safely get through dangerous areas!

That’s all for Monkey Ropes! If you’ve got any monkey business with our guide, let us know in the comments below!

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