Monkey Boots is a new side scrolling endless runner game that will surely make you think about the Flappy Bird madness thanks to its style: difficult to play, frustrating and yet fun. We are here to help you with a set of Monkey Boots Cheats: tips and tricks that will hopefully give you the chance to go as far as possible in the game and make all your friends (and the entire world, actually) jealous.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some Monkey Boots tips and tricks below to keep the monkey running!

1. Master the jumps first
A longer tap means a higher jump. A short tap means a lower jump. Master the technique of jumping in order to get as far as possible – high jumps are a must when big elephants are coming, while short ones are good for small elephants.

2. Master the fall
I consider the fall a bit more important than the jump in Monkey Boots for iPhone and iPad. Apart from the normal fall, we can hurry the fall by tapping the lower right side (the jump side) of the display, or we can “slow down” the monkey and make it go slightly left by tapping the lower left button. These have to be used to direct the monkey on the top of the elephants and not in front of them.

3. Ignore the small elephants
For some reason, I consider the small elephants a real drag and they should be ignored. They only give you a few points when you jump on them and usually make everything more difficult. That’s why I try to always time my jumps over the small ones and only care about the big and huge elephants. That’s where the biggest chunk of points come from and they are those who generally can’t be jumped over or ignored.

4. The high speed monkey
When you use the bottom left button to slow down the money, as soon as it lands, it goes fast to the right side of the screen, usually faster than the elephants. Remember this and use it to your advantage to jump over elephants and create a strategy that involves slowing down, high speed to the right, jumping backwards and repeating everything. This is the key to victory.

5. Focus on the nearest elephant
It’s pretty difficult to time your moves considering all the elephants in the game. So focus on the nearest one and the best approach (jump over or stomp it) and then decide how to deal with the next one. Be careful with really close elephants, in this case you should always stomp the one to the left.

And these would be for now our Monkey Boots tips and tricks that will hopefully help you get over 500 points easily. If you have other strategies that work, please share them with us by commenting below.


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