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Money Heist: Ultimate Choice Game Answers and Walkthrough

Our Money Heist: Ultimate Choice walkthrough has all the right answers to get through the story.

Money Heist: Ultimate Choice is a narrative-driven adventure game that is based on the hit Netflix series of the same name. If you’re looking to pull off the ultimate heist, our Money Heist: Ultimate Choice game answers and walkthrough will guide you all the way through.

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Money Heist: Ultimate Choice Answers & Walkthrough

Money Heist: Ultimate Choice is an episodic adventure game split into multiple chapters, with each chapter lasting around 15 to 20 minutes. The game is available exclusively for Netflix subscribers on iOS and Android. We’ll categorize the walkthrough by chapter, so you can jump around if you need to.

The way Money Heist: Ultimate Choice works is that scenes play out, then one of the characters asks you a question, and you have to pick one out of three possible responses. Depending on how you respond, some characters may like or dislike you more, and we’ll denote each response with a character and a plus or minus sign.

Some parts of the story may change depending on your relationships with the rest of the crew. Also, certain chapters contain a critical choice, and you can tell them apart as they only have two options. These choices can drastically alter the course of the story, so make your decisions wisely.

Just keep in mind that when it comes to the critical choices, there are no right or wrong answers, so go ahead and pick whichever option is interesting to you; it’s more fun to see how the story plays out that way.

Conversely, there are also choices that don’t really affect anything, both relationships and story. You can pick anything for these filler choices, and we leave them out of the walkthrough entirely.

In general, we’ll list the answers that get the most people to like you. There are some situations where you have to pick who you want to appease to while letting the other down, so you’ll have to make the decision there yourself. We’ll note when these answers are coming up. So, let’s get started!

Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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The first chapter introduces you to Cairo, one of your closest allies from the heist group. Taking place one hour before the actual heist, you and Cairo discuss the plan near the La Perla. Cairo senses the tension in your face, and asks if you’re ready.

  • As long as you’re here. (Cairo +)

Shortly after, you’ll meet up with more of the crew, including Tokyo, the sassy hothead of the group. She also notices your nervousness, and asks if it’s something to be concerned about.

  • I could use a massage. (Tokyo +)

Cairo steps in to cease the teasing, and this is where your first split decision comes up.

  • I’ll handle it, Cairo. (Tokyo +, Cairo -)
  • You heard him. (Cairo +, Tokyo -)

Tokyo notes that Cairo may be a little more than just overprotective, and asks if you two are a thing.

  • He’s all yours. (Cairo -)
  • We’re just friends.
  • Don’t get any ideas. (Cairo +, Tokyo -)

Tokyo brings up why the Professor brought you two so late into the plan, which lets you stand up for Cairo.

  • Invaluable. (Cairo +)

Tokyo then eyes you down and wonders what you’re capable of.

  • I could ask you the same. (Tokyo ++)

You’ll then meet another member of the crew, Rio.

  • Thanks, Rio. (Rio +)

The Professor radios the crew, and you get to meet him for the first time. You’re given the option to either hack the camera or rewire the fire alarm. Either choice works and leads into a different minigame for you to enjoy.

The Professor then notifies you a small change of plans, due to the director being arrested.

  • Will do, Professor. (Professor +)

Denver, another member of the crew shows up, disguised as one of the wait staff for the museum.

  • It suits you. (Denver +)

Cairo lets you enter the kitchen where the weapons are hidden.

  • You’re such a gentleman. (Denver ++)
  • You coming, Cairo? (Cairo +)
  • You should go first. (Denver +)

You’ll eye all the options, and Cairo brings up a fond memory.

  • I miss those days. (Cairo +)

You’ll then get a quick reality check, only to start feeling anxious from the gravity of the current situation.

  • Thank you for being here, Cairo. (Cairo +)

Denver makes a snarky comment about how none of the crew looks threatening, even with guns, and Tokyo takes this as an opportunity to show off.

  • Sexy too. (Tokyo ++)

You’ll be at the doors to main hall. Hack the door panel to get it open. You’ll meet Gabriella, and you can get to work with taking down the security systems. Rio takes note of your skills.

  • I like impressing you. (Rio ++)

Chapter 2 Walkthrough

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After the first snag in the plan occurs, you have to leave Tokyo and Rio to reach the new director.

  • Don’t miss me too much, Tokyo. (Tokyo ++)
  • Can you handle this, Rio? (Rio+)

You’ll meet another member of the crew, Nairobi, as you proceed with an altered plan. Cairo notices that something is amiss, then asks you for reaffirmation.

  • I’m not going anywhere. (Cairo ++)

Down in the lobby, you’ll meet the final member of the crew: Berlin. Sarto, the replacement director, shows his face, and Denver intentionally crashes into him with the cart, swiping his phone in the process. The password to the phone is sarto.

The first critical choice is to either call the Professor or disarm Sarto. Disarming Sarto gets you some brownie points with Denver, so go with that.

Chapter 3 Walkthrough

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After the situation in the hall escalates, Sarto steals Denver’s gun.

  • Shield Denver. (Denver +)

The crew rounds up the civilians in the hall and confiscates their phones. They’re confused as to what the crew is, exactly.

  • If it makes you feel any better. (Nairobi +)

Rio eventually rendezvous with your group.

  • We are now. (Rio ++)

Berlin instructs you take Sarto up to the office. You have the option of taking one of the crew members with you, and whichever one you choose likes you more and gives you a chance to spend some time with them, so pick your favorite.

You’ll enter the upstairs hallway with the person you chose, and the answers will be different depending on your selection. Just make sure to pick all the supportive options to increase your relationship.

After you return to the gala hall, the Professor contacts you, distressed by the incoming police and sounds of gunfire.

  • We’re fine. (Professor +)

Now with the situation understood, you’ll have to make due with what you have.

  • How do we clean it up? (Professor +)

Chapter 4 Walkthrough

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Chapter 4 starts with a flashback that gives us more insight into you and Cairo’s history together.

  • It’s working for you too. (Cairo +)

The two of you make it into the secure vault with the forged ID cards, in search of the teapot that the assassin who murdered your parents stole.

  • Ask Cairo where to look. (Cairo +)

You’ll find some paintings, and Cairo asks which one represents your relationship the most. You can pick either the couple or the two kids, which makes Cairo like you.

Gabriella confronts you two inside the vault, and this is your introduction to the persuasion mechanic. You’ll need to pick the right answers to convince Gabriella that you work at the museum.

  • We got turned around.
  • Why aren’t these on display?
  • It’s lovely.

Gabriella then escorts you to the security office to verify your IDs, but Cairo says you should bail.

  • I’m not leaving you. (Cairo +)

You two meet the Professor for the first time, and he’s come to recruit you for a special mission.

  • Keep your voice down!
  • Just tell us what you want. (Professor +, Cairo -)
  • Let’s go Santiago. (Cairo +, Professor -)

Suddenly, you’re jolted back to the present day. The police have arrived at the museum, and it’s time to face the music.

Chapter 5 Walkthrough

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After Gabriella’s convincing act with the police, you’ve regained control of the situation.

  • She’s a good liar.

You’re sent to the basement to get started on the vault. You can pick a partner to come with you, so pick the person you want to increase your relationship with. Just like before, just pick all the supportive options to get the most relationship boosts.

You and your partner get to work on cracking the security system, but you need a master password. Turn out, Gabriella has it. Gabriella won’t talk, and Berlin starts to get aggressive.

  • Or we start shooting hostages. (Berlin +, Nairobi -)
  • And no one gets hurt. (Nairobi +)

Gabriella gives the password, 102581, which is Picasso’s birthday. Unfortunately, the password ends up tripping an alarm!

Chapter 6 Walkthrough

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As Berlin discovers that Gabriella lied about the password, he’s just about ready to execute her, but not before Nairobi steps in.

  • Wait! I can fix this. (Nairobi +)

Things heat up between Nairobi and Berlin, then we’re suddenly hit with another flashback.

  • So this is a work event? (Denver +, Tokyo +)
  • Can we still drink the sangria? (Nairobi +)

You get the option to mingle with the rest of the team. You don’t have to, but this is basically a free chance to improve your relationship with the entire team. The correct answers are pretty obvious, so you should have no trouble picking them out. Talk to everyone, or pick your favorites, then move on when you’re ready.

Once you’re done, the Professor gives you the honor of doing the last toast.

  • The Team! (Rio +, Nairobi +)
  • The Professor! (Professor +)
  • My partner in crime, Cairo! (Cairo +)

Snap back to the present, and the situation between Nairobi and Berlin hasn’t improved.

  • This isn’t war! (Nairobi +, Berlin -)
  • He has a point… (Nairobi -, Berlin +)
  • There has to be another way. (Nairobi +)

The Professor then chimes in, saying he has urgent new to relay to Berlin.

  • Of course. (Professor +)

Now comes the second critical choice. You can eavesdrop on the Professor and Berlin’s conversation, or give them privacy. This choice probably affects something much later down the line, but we don’t know what exactly just yet. Neither choice provides any relationship changes either, so pick whatever you want.

As the crew meets back up in the vault, Berlin announces a change of plans.

  • It could be anything.

Chapter 7 Walkthrough

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Your worst nightmare has come true: The man who killed your parents now stands before you.

  • Stay calm.

Adrian is the politician that the police sent in as a negotiator. Him and Berlin seem to hit it off well enough.

  • The pleasure is all mine. (Berlin +)

Adrian’s presence is too much for you, so you decide to take a bathroom break. Cairo comes to check up on you.

  • I’m so glad you’re here! (Cairo +)

Cairo reassures you that you can still find the teapot, and things will be okay.

  • How about a hug? (Cairo ++)

We get a little more history between Cairo and you.

  • You saved my life. (Cairo +)

Cairo comforts you, and you prepare to head back to the group.

  • Stay close. (Cairo +)

Chapter 8 Walkthrough

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Berlin noticed that you two ran off together, and he wants to know why.

  • I heard something. (Berlin +)
  • We needed some alone time. (Cairo +)

Berlin and Adrian then start to work the crowd, getting them to calm down. Tokyo isn’t having any of it.

  • Berlin is falling for it. (Tokyo +)

Berlin decides to round up the crew to check up on Sarto and Gabriella, who are locked up in the office.

  • The kind we should get up to. (Tokyo +)

Berlin makes to stay by Adrian, which concerns Cairo.

  • Good idea. (Cairo +, Berlin -)
  • What do you think, Berlin? (Berlin +, Cairo -)

You head up to check up on Gabriella and Sarto.

  • Does he know about the auction?
  • It was your own fault.

To establish the connection, enter Adrian’s last name, Abarca. This connects a secure, multi-line to the police and the Professor.

  • Thank you.
  • Not good enough.
  • We have our reasons.

Rio chimes in and says that he’s having issues with the vault. Berlin sends you down to help out, and you take one partner with you. Once again, this is another opportunity to improve your relationship with your favorite crew member. As always, the choices change depending on who you pick, so make sure to just pick the supportive and nice options.

Chapter 9 Walkthrough

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Finish up in the vault, and rendezvous back with the rest of the crew. Tokyo notices that you’re all shaken up, and asks about you.

  • Better now that you’re here. (Tokyo ++)

After a brief moment with Gabriella, the Professor contacts you and tells you that backup power shut off on the roof, and it’s important to get it back up. Rio chimes in and asks if he can help.

  • I’ll call if I need you, Rio. (Rio +)

Now comes the third critical choice. You can choose to follow the plan and secure the roof, or take the time to look for the teapot. Whichever route you take, you’ll have to play a minigame before you have one last conversation with the professor.

Chapter 10 Walkthrough

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Depending on what you chose in the last chapter, you may have the option to look for the teapot. If you do, you’ll get a few more clues, only to be wrangled back to the gala hall.

  • I have a better idea. (Berlin +)

You’re sent to the kitchen to make some food for the starving civilians. You get to pick a friend to help you out, and this is another opportunity to improve your relationship with your favorite crew member. Similar to the previous “free choice” scenarios, the answers change depending on who you picked, so make sure to pick all the positive-sounding responses.

A new minigame appears, and this time you have to find the fastest route to your destination. There are multiple colored routes, with obstacles in the way of some of the routes, denoted by a red exclamation mark. You need to pick the route that doesn’t run into the obstacle, which is the black route.

You and your partner return to the gala hall only to be met with a situation. Denver and Sarto are at it once more, and the civilians are starting to panic. Gabriella tries to sneak out in the confusion.

  • Tackle Gabriella. (Nairobi +, Berlin +)

Chapter 11 Walkthrough

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Suddenly, Berlin turns away from Gabriella and focuses his attention towards Denver, threatening to shoot.

  • Of course not. (Denver +, Berlin -)
  • Berlin is in charge. (Berlin +, Denver -)

Berlin reveals his plan to fake Denver’s death to appease Sarto.

  • Then shoot Sarto! (Denver +, Berlin -)
  • You’re not wrong. (Berlin +, Denver -)

Obviously, Denver isn’t too happy with this plan.

  • What do you think, Denver? (Denver +, Berlin -)
  • That could work. (Berlin +, Denver -)

Cairo nudges you, looking for some thoughts.

  • It’s a bad idea.

Berlin notices, and decides to ask you directly what you think should be the next step.

  • Call the Professor. (Nairobi +, Berlin -)

Your options to contact the Professor are limited, so the crew decides to hold a vote. You end up being the tiebreaker, which is the third critical choice: You can side with either Denver or Berlin. It should be obvious how the relationships change based on the people involved.

Despite this, whatever you choose, Berlin ends up “shooting” Denver regardless.

  • I went to him. (Denver +)

Denver tries to get up towards Berlin, but Tokyo stops him saying that it’s over.

  • She’s right. (Tokyo +, Denver -)

Denver eventually acquiesces, and you accompany him and Tokyo down the hall.

  • I was worried about him. (Denver +)

Tokyo notices a can of red paint, which gives her an idea. To make the “murder” even more convincing, you can use the red paint to make fake blood.

  • That’s a great idea. (Tokyo +, Denver – )
  • Have some empathy. (Denver +, Tokyo -)

After Denver sets up his hiding place, you say goodbye to him.

  • Hug Denver goodbye. (Denver ++)
  • Kiss Denver’s cheek. (Denver ++)

You’ll meet back up with Berlin and Adrien, getting all friendly with each other.

  • What about women? (Nairobi +)

And that concludes our walkthrough on Money Heist: Ultimate Choice. More episodes are coming out over time, so be sure to check back for updates. If you have any other tips or answer recommendations, let us know in the comments below!

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Money Heist: Ultimate Choice Game Answers and Walkthrough