Moji Bowling Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Everyone’s favorite emojis have gone bowling! Moji Bowling is a fun little multiplayer bowling game that you can enjoy with friends over iMessage! Play regular 10-pin matches with your buddies anytime you like. Pick from over 20 different emoji-themed bowling balls, each with their own strengths and weaknesses! Our Moji Bowling cheats and tips will help you get your spin on the game real quick!

Moji Bowling is a fun and quirky experience and we enjoyed it a lot! Anyone can pick up and enjoy this bowling extravaganza, so if you want to show up your friends with your bowling skills, let’s get started with our Moji Bowling cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Choose your favorite moji ball!

The different moji balls have four different stats. The blue gauge is the ball’s stability, which determines how much it sways when it’s rolling down the lanes. The orange gauge is the ball’s weight! The heavier the ball is, the more force it’ll have when it collides with the pins. Heavier balls also won’t go as high when they go off ramps. The yellow gauge is the ball’s maximum speed. The faster a ball is rolling, the more power it’ll have against pins! Finally, the green gauge is the ball’s spinning capability, which is how easy it is to put a spin on the ball once it’s rolling.

Each ball is designed for players with different strategies. Are you a no nonsense straight shooter that goes right down the middle? Heavy mojis with a lot of speed are perfect for you! Do you prefer trickier setups? Moji balls with a lot of spin will help you line up tricky shots for precision accuracy!

Grab the blue spheres!

Puzzle Bowl is a single-player mode where you’ll bowl through fixed setups. On these levels you’ll see blue spheres lying around. Be sure to grab as many as you can as they fill up the star meter. Each level has three stars for you to obtain and you’ll need to score enough points to get all the stars! Aside from grabbing the blue spheres, knocking down pins also fills up the star meter. If you can finish the whole set quickly, you’ll earn a lot of points too! Getting a strike will give you 50 points which will almost always guarantee you the next star, while a spare gets you 20 points.

Complete the challenges!

Want to earn new moji balls? Try completing the challenges! Tap the checklist icon on the main menu to see your current challenges. Challenges come in three forms and you’ll have one of each: an hourly challenge that cycles out every other hour, a weekly challenge that cycles out once the week is over, and a persistent challenge that has no time limit. Completing a challenge nets you a handful of coins, and the harder challenges get you even more coins! Try to complete the challenges that will expire first, as you only have a limited amount of time to do them.

Try out practice!

Wanna be the best moji bowler out of your friends? Try hitting the practice lanes sometime! Solo Practice puts you in a regular lane with none of the gimmicks from Puzzle Bowl, so you can focus solely on honing your bowling game. The best part? All of the moji balls are unlocked for free use in practice mode, meaning you can try before you buy! If you want to get a hands-on approach with a moji you’ve been eyeing, Solo Practice is the way to go.

Don’t forget your free bag!

You can open a free present bag every couple of hours or so. You usually get around 15-30 coins from these bags, and sometimes you’ll earn other goodies as well. It may not seem like much but it’s free!

That’s all for Moji Bowling. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Moji Bowling Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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