Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is one of the more popular games currently available on consoles, PC and mobile devices. It’s simple yet engaging gameplay formula has allowed the game game to become one of the best selling titles released in recent years.

The mobile version of the game is just as successful as the PC and consoles one, having been download 30 million times since its release back in 2011. To celebrate this, Mojang will answer fans’ questions in a new Twitch stream airing later this week. Fans can submit their questions by going here. Obviously not all questions will be answered, as the team will pick out the best to answer during the stream.


Minecraft Pocket Edition has received a new update back in November. The 0.10.0 update introduced several changes and new features such as fences and fence gates, day and night cycle in creative mode, cosmetic changes, support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and much more. Another update has been released last Summer, adding even more features and items.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is now available for purchase on the App Store. Make sure to take the chance of interacting directly with the team by submitting your questions as soon as possible.



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