Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout, the new entry of the Modern Combat series developed by Gameloft, won’t feature IAPs in any form, the developer confirmed.

The confirmation has come during a Twitch live stream where the developer has shown several of the game’s new features. The lack of IAPs in the game is actually a big thing, considering many Gameloft titles feature plenty of them.

The developer has confirmed that every unlockable in the game can be obtained by simply playing the game. This decision has been taken to show that the game really rewards those who play it as it should be played, without taking shortcuts to unlock everything.

Among the new features included in Modern Combat 5: Blackout are some new multiplayer modes, which will allow gamers to take part in up to 6 VS 6 multiplayer matches. Gun camos and voice chat won’t be available at launch but will be added in a later update. Also, it’s been confirmed that an active internet connection will be required to play the game in order to help the team detect hackers and take advantage of cloud saving.

Modern Combat 5 will be released this Summer, after having being delayed a while back. A precise release date will be coming during the E3.



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