Voice chat can be the difference between a good session on a multiplayer FPS and a great one.

It’s satisfying to have a good round in a gorgeous, competitive, well-maintained online shooter like Black Ops or Fortnite, but if you can’t shout about it into a little microphone you’ve missed out on what makes multiplayer gaming great.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout ticks all the boxes. It’s fun, pretty, slick, and abundantly populated with highly competitive opponents and potential squadmates. And thanks to industry leading communications specialist Vivox it has seamless text and voice chat too.

Never played Modern Combat 5? Oh but you must. Gameloft’s polished take on the multiplayer FPS blows most of its competition out of the water, as you’d expect from one of the most prolific and well-resourced developers on mobile.

It has a single player campaign, set in exotic locales such as Venice and Tokyo, but the multiplayer is what most players hang around for. 

There are 11 different maps, and ten modes to play in them, including team deathmatch and the Fortnite-esque battle royale.

You can choose from nine different soldier classes, from Assault and Sniper to Kommander and the mysteriously named X1-Morph. Each avatar is richly customizable, and so are the 100+ guns you’ll find in the game. It’s fair to say that no two rounds will ever be the same.

As you play you earn XP, giving you that sweet levelling up carrot to chase, and you’ll earn skill points too, which you can spend on class-specific skills.

Gameloft holds regular in-game events, giving you the chance to win rewards and prizes. If you’re all about the competition, though, you can just focus on the squad and individual leaderboards.

More than 100 million players have downloaded Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Thanks to Vivox, that’s 100 million potential comrades to share tactics with over voice chat.

You can download Modern Combat 5: Blackout for free on Google Play and the App Store


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