A new Final Fantasy adventure has graced iOS and Android! Mobius Final Fantasy is the next big mobile hit from Square Enix, and it pushes the boundaries of what a mobile game can be. Seriously, have you seen the graphics in this game? It’s pretty cool! Not only that, but the game play is very in-depth and rewards strategical thinking. The classic “job” system from earlier Final Fantasies makes a comeback in this game with new abilities and mechanics to play around with. There is a lot to get into here, so let’s get started with our Mobius Final Fantasy cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t hang onto your magicite!


Magicite is a special currency that automatically generates over time. The magicite generator caps out at 100 magicite, so be sure to keep any eye on it and collect it when it is full so you can generate more. In addition to that, collected magicite expires 14 days after it was first collected, so do not hold onto it for too long. You can spend magicite in the shop on expanding your card slots, card bank, or tickets in the item shop.

2. Switch out cards in the exp bonus slot!

The left most slot of your deck is the “experience bonus” slot. Any card here will receive bonus experience after you have fought your way through a level, so make sure to put the card you want to level up first in this slot! Remember to check your cards to see if they have reached maximum level. At that point you can swap in another card and move the maxed out card to any other slot of your deck.

3. Go for break!

If you are up against a particularly tough opponent, “Breaking” the opponent as fast as you can should be your top priority. Remember: regular hits will not reduce the break gauge that much until you hit them with a non resistant ability card. For example, if you are trying to break a fire-type, you should use either a water, earth, or wind ability. Using a fire type ability will not make the enemy vulnerable to break!

But, ideally you want to save the ability card that the enemy is actually weak to. In the case above, you would want to use an earth or wind ability. After the break gauge turns red, attack with regular attacks. Once the enemy is finally broken, THEN use your water card. Enemies are extremely vulnerable to all sources of damage once broken, so hitting them with their elemental weakness will deal massive damage! When they are inflicted with break it is also a good time to use your ultimate ability – let ’em have it!

4. Be prepared for the boss!

You will usually have no troubles with the common enemies, but the bosses will prove that they are quite the challenge. It is very important that you ensure that your currently selected job can draw element orbs that match the boss’ element with a deck that has ability cards that hit the bosses weakness. You will not be able to brute force your way through the bosses, and you will need to take full advantage of break and element drive!

5. Utilize element drive to the fullest!

So, you learned that you can sacrifice stored element orbs to reduce the amount of damage you take from that corresponding element for a limited number of turns. This technique is very important to surviving against the later bosses, which is why we mentioned above that it is crucial that your selected job class can draw element orbs that match the boss’ elemental type. Before you get to the round with the boss, make sure you have stocked up enough element orbs to do an element drive right off the bat. Just be aware though that some bosses will charge up super attacks. You will usually be given a warning when they are doing so; for example the red lizard will say “Heating up…” when it is going to perform a hard hitting fire attack. That is your cue to use element drive!

Also, keep in mind that you can utilize element drive to manipulate the kind of orbs you will draw. Using element drive will reduce the chances of you drawing that corresponding element orb, so even if you do not need the increased resistances, try using element drive if you need to stock up a specific element.

6. Build a balanced deck!

Taking in all of the tips above, generally you will want to try to have as many different elements as you can in your deck. You want one element that the boss of the is weak to, and the others can be whatever you like. You will usually run into enemies from all different types of elements, so it is best to cover all your weakness with as many element types as possible.

7. Fusion is the key to leveling up!

You will notice that the skillseeds you obtain after battle are directly influenced by the cards in your deck. Each card has a default amount of skillseeds it provides, but you can also unlock additional skillseeds from that card. To do this you must fuse the card, and fusion will have a chance to unlock more skillseeds. You can see the percentage chance before you perform the fusion, so you can double check. If you need a lot of skillseeds from one element, try using a deck full of that element type.

Whew! This is a big game, so if you have any other tips or tricks to share about Mobius Final Fantasy, let us know in the comments below!



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