Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.62 Advanced Server official patch notes

Mobile Legends Bang Bang 1.6.18 ADV server
Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Advance Server got its 1.5.62 update in which several heroes, battlefield system, system functions have been tweaked in order to deliver a more balanced gaming experience. In addition to this, several new heroes skins, functions and events have also been added to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.62 Advanced Server update.

Here are the official patch notes for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.62 Advanced Server update.

I.Hero Adjustments

[Gloo] (↑)

Gloo now has more chances to grab enemies trying to escape.

[Passive] (↑):

Each Stack’s Slow: 5% → 10%

[Skill 2] (↑):

Cooldown: 12-9s → 10.5s

Width of the skill: 0.6 → 0.8

[Ultimate] (↑):

HP inherited by Goos: 20% → 25%

Fixed an issue so that all Goo now gain increased Movement Speed when splitting apart.

[Beatrix] (↑)

Optimized certain subtle aspects of her.

[Attributes] (↑):

Base HP: 2490 → 2550

[Wesker – Basic Attack] (↑):

Damage Decay for multiple shots hitting the same target: 50% → 60%

[Skill 1] (↓):

Weapon Swap Time: 0.65-0.4s → 0.6s

[Renner – Ultimate] (↑):

Range of bullets: Widened by around 10%

[Yi Sun-shin] (↑)

[Ultimate] (↑):

Cooldown: 80-60s → 72-60s

[Mathilda] (↑)

[Passive] (↑):

Base Damage of enhanced Basic Attacks: 135 → 160

[Silvanna] (↓)

Placed additional limits to her damage, so as to balance her Basic Attacks’ effect on her Passive.

[Passive] (↓):

Base Damage of Basic Attacks: 45 → 25

[Barats] (↑)

[Passive] (↑):

Enhanced Basic Attack Bonus from HP: 3% → 3.5%

[Attributes] (↑):

HP Growth: 200 → 219

[Ultimate] (↓):

Cooldown: 16-10s → 16-12s

II. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

  • Beatrix, the “Dawnbreak Soldier”, will be available on March 19th for 599 Diamonds, 32,000 Battle Points. Launch week 30% OFF.
  • Beatrix “X Factor” will be available on March 19th for 269 Diamonds. Launch week 30% OFF.
  • Beatrix and skin “X Factor” will be in a bundle and available on March 19th. Launch week 30% OFF.
  • Khaleed ‘Crescent Scimitar” will be available on March 12th for 599 Diamonds. Launch week 30% OFF.
  • Khaleed and skin ”Crescent Scimitar” will be in a bundle and available on March 12th. Launch week 30% OFF.
  • Free Heroes: Server Time 3/12/2021 05:01:00 to 3/19/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
  • Dyrroth, Moskov, Chou, Argus, Granger, Yi Sun-shin, Belerick, Clint
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chang’e, Benedetta, Helcurt, Yu Zhong, Valir, Karina

III. Battlefield Adjustments

  1. Optimized some of the logic used for different forms upon the battlefield: you can now view an icon and guide for a form even if you haven’t learned its corresponding skill. Applies to the following heroes: Kagura, Roger, Selena, Beatrix, Chang’e, Aurora, X.Borg, Ling, Yi Sun-shin
  2. Fixed an issue with the Battle Spell “Arrival” in which opening up the minimap would mess up your view in some cases.
  3. Optimized the animations in the tutorial videos of Vale’s skills.
  4. Fixed an issue that allowed Gusion to recover HP by attacking Turrets.

IV. New Functions & Events

  1. Lethal Nexus: Eruditio Crisis is now available. Take part to get one skin from “Hip-hop Boy”, “Fire Chief”, “Blue Storm” or “Fierce Dragon” for free. An all-new avatar border, Layla emote, and Beatrix Coupon can be exchanged for, too!

V. System Adjustments

  1. Matchmaking optimizations:
    1. Made slight adjustments to the parameters for Warrior, Elite and Mythic rank matchmaking. This should solve the long matchmaking time experienced by some players.
    1. Optimized the matchmaking algorithm for all ranks, diversifying the key Roles players of each team are proficient in (and this feature will be introduced. starting from Patch 1.5.62).
  2. In this update, we’ve optimized the High Frame Rate function for certain devices, making it available to even more players.
  3. Optimized notification icons for system and event notifications to reduce their repetition.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.62 Advanced Server official patch notes


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