MOBA Vainglory Updated With New Character And More


Vainglory, the recently released MOBA developed by Super Evil Megacorp, has received a new update today.

The update introduces a new character to the game, a little dragon called Skaarf. Being a dragon, Skaarf is a good long range character, working quite well in a team.

The new character isn’t the only addition of the latest Vainglory update, as it also includes several new features like Party Queue chat and private matches, among other additions.

Here are all the details of the new update:

Play the New Hero: Skaarf!

Skaarf is a little flamethrower who thrives at dealing long-range and area-of-effect damage, especially during teamfights. Read his tactical breakdown in the in-game News section.

Here are Skaarf’s abilities:

FAN THE FLAMES (Heroic Perk)
Skaarf’s fire-based abilities light the target ablaze, burning enemies over time. Skaarf’s basic attacks and fire abilities will refresh the burn duration. Each of Skaarf’s basic attacks will also increase the damage of the burn. This fire does not burn turrets and deals reduced damage to Kraken.

Skaarf spits a fireball that deals crystal damage to the first enemy or creature in its path.

Skaarf hurls goop onto the target location. Enemies walking through the sticky substance are slowed. Skaarf’s fire abilities will set the goop ablaze with a burst of damage that extends slightly beyond the gooped area. Once aflame, a gooped location will not slow but will apply damage over time.

Skaarf inhales deeply, slowing fleeing enemies and accelerating closing allies. Skaarf then exhales flame, incinerating enemies in a cone in front of him. While exhaling, enemies moving against the flame are slowed while allies moving with the flame are accelerated. Skaarf may move freely while spewing fire, but he cannot basic attack or use other abilities.

Private Matches (Invite Everyone!)

– Invite up to 6 players into a party and initiate private matches. You may choose any number of players up to 6, including 1v1 duels or 1v3 lopsided battles for ultimate bragging rights!
Chat: Stage 1

– This update includes Party Queue chat. To ensure chat runs smoothly, we will be turning it on slowly region-by-region post-update.
Vain Crystal Explosions!

– Mark your victory (or defeat) with an epic Vain shatter.
‘Dodging’ Cooldown

– Players who cancel a match by choosing to not lock in a hero will receive the same cooldown penalty as declining matches.
Latest Hero & Item Balance Changes
– Check the in-game News section for a detailed breakdown.


Performance Improvements

– Misc. bug fixes and performance enhancements

Vainglory is now available for free on the App Store.


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MOBA Vainglory Updated With New Character And More


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