Ah, if movies have taught us anything it’s that drag racing seems a good way of making money, shame it’s illegal. MMX Racing puts you in a straight line drag race, with a twist which involves making well timed jumps and landings in between. You are rewarded by cash for each race won, the aim of this money is to improve your vehicle and compete at higher levels along the way, until you are the best! Read on, these MMX Racing Cheats and tips will help your races not be such a drag…..(sorry couldn’t resist).

1. Fast start
When starting the game you are instructed to keep your revs within the green marker of the rev counter. This is relatively straight forward to do, however the closer you can get the rev counter to the higher rev range (6) the better, as this will give you the fastest start. Also the nature of revving is to keep your pedal on and off so it is easy to release your finger off the pedal once you have started moving. Remember to keep your finger down as you will need to keep accelerating onwards in order to move fast through to the first jump.

2. Car selection
When picking a car on the selection screen make note of their attributes and capabilities. They will be indicated on the right hand side of the screen.

3. Racing
Once you have established how to get a good start the next process is to keep your timing in tune. There is only one button to press for the accelerator; you are required to keep it down until you reach a jump. In order to time this correctly and get the most speed from your race there is a green marker before the jump which once reached by the front tyres illustrates the best time to let go of the accelerator.
When landing the car it can be difficult to know when to exactly apply the accelerator again. The best tip is not to be too eager to press down the throttle (it is a race after all), but to keep an eye on your tires. It is better to leave it too late than to accelerate too early. As soon as the tires hit the ground it is the best time to use your speed again. It is best to make sure they touch the ground first.

4. Race indicator
When racing through you will be given an indication of how well you are doing at the top of the screen, the better you control the vehicle the better prompt message you will receive. The highest ranked message is “Awesome” which appears in green.

5. Crowd pleaser
In order to earn maximum money after winning a race it is important to please the crowd. The best way to this is through your jumps as well as customizing your vehicle. You can upgrade your vehicle to make the most of this; however you may have to sacrifice another attribute in order to select this purchase over another.

6. Splashing the cash
You are frequently encouraged to spend money to upgrade your vehicle. Although this is absolutely necessary on some occasions you will have races you can compete in without the need to upgrade. This gives you the chance to save some cash and then make a better purchase later. In order to establish whether spending is necessary you can check the race difficulty before entering. If it is set to normal then in most to all cases what you already have will suffice. Therefore race on the easier difficulty setting first. Although entering the harder difficulties will gain you more money if you win, it is better to ensure as many wins as possible so you have some flexibility when upgrading.


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