The release of MLB Perfect Inning was a really welcome one for baseball fans playing games on iOS devices. The game is a really ambitious project that has managed to bring a realistic sports experience on mobile devices.

As if the game wasn’t already packed with features, Gamevile has released today a new update for the game, which includes new features that expand the gameplay experience considerably.

The new MLB Perfect Inning free update includes head 2 head gameplay, a global multiplayer mode with leaderboardsm a trading block system and updated roster and stats. With so many new features, the game will definitely become even more enjoyable for baseball fans.

MLB Perfect Inning features all 30 MLB teams and over 200 players, allowing gamers to create their dream team. Stats aren’t static so it’s possible to improve players over time. MLB Perfect Inning is also one of the few games that allows gamers to only manage their team, leaving the actual playing to the AI. The many different features included in the game, however, show a lack of actual focus, with neither the actual gameplay nor the management features being really deep.

MLB Perfect Inning is now available for purchase on the App Store. The new update is also available for download right now.



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