Gamers playing on iOS devices have a really wide selection of titles to choose from, ranging from arcade games to more complicated ones that require some time to learn the mechanics to be fully enjoyed.

Despite such a huge variety, there’s a distinct lack of simulation baseball games that fans of the sport have surely noticed. Earlier this month RBI Baseball 14 has been released on iOS devices, but the game is closer to old school baseball games rather than more modern, simulative games.

Those looking for a more serious baseball game will be happy to know that Gamevile is currently working on a simulation MLB game which should be released next month on the App Store. MLB Perfect Inning promises to bring a perfect simluation experience, despite the usual difficulties in bringing a complex experience on portable devices.

Gamevil isn’t a stranger to baseball games, since the team already developed a few baseball games, but those were more cartoonish games with light role playing games elements so it will really be interesting to see how the team has managed to take a different approach with MLB Perfect Inning.

MLB Perfect Inning is currently on schedule for a May release on the App Store. We will let you know a more precise release date as soon as more news come in on the matter.



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