MLB Perfect Inning 15 Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Welcome to the field; it’s your turn to hit! MLB Perfect Inning 15 is the latest game in the long-running MLB game series. With the new MLB season just starting, it’s time to perfect your innings with all new modes, improved graphics, and more. Let’s get the ball rolling with our MLB Perfect Inning 15 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Pickoff stragglers to prevent base runs!

If you’ve got opponents on your bases, you can attempt to pickoff. Pickoffs occur by making it seem like you’re going to pitch, but then you quickly throw the ball to a catcher on a base of your selection. This is a great way to strike out runners if they’re getting too close to home. Just be careful though – if you attempt pickoffs too much, your pitcher’s stamina will begin to take hits, resulting in poorer throws.

2. Use auto-contact swinging to get used to the timing!

When batting, you have the option of using auto-contact or manual-contact. Auto will automatically position the bat for you while manual lets you control the bat yourself. The timing is particularly strict on bat swings, so for starting out you’re going to want to stick with auto-contact. That way you don’t have to worry about positioning, just timing. Once you get a feel for the pitches, you can switch to manual contact to have more control over your bat direction. Eventually though you will need to switch over to manual, as the pitchers will begin to throw faster pitches. The automatic bat will sometimes not be able to move in time to reach the pitch, leaving you wide open.

3. Use leads to play aggressively and steal bases!

When batting, you can set a lead command next to the bases command wheel. You can set this up to 4, and your runners will try to advance a base for each lead off you have. Be careful though! If you constantly use x4 leads then your opponents will easily catch you with pickoffs.

4. Aim for the red dot when pitching!

When you’re pitching, you’re given a box with a blue circle in it. Inside the center of the circle is a red dot. A ring will continuously move inside and out the box, and if you can time your pitch so that the ring is dead center on the red dot, you will throw a perfect pitch. This pitch is the fastest pitch, making it very hard to hit. Additionally, you can also move the blue circle around with the left joystick. This will angle your ball in a different direction. Just be careful not to the throw the ball too far from the batter. Also, you can guarantee a perfect pitch without having to the time the button press by selecting the Perfect Pitch option. This automatically makes you throw a perfect pitch at the expense of a large portion of your current pitcher’s stamina. Keep the batter on their toes by using different pitch styles and directions with each pitch!

5. Complete all the tutorials!

Even if you know how to play the game, you should finish all the tutorials. Finishing one section gives you some pretty nice rewards, and if you finish all of them, you get 100 stars, which are the premium currency of this game. They don’t take long so finish them!

6. Set up your team before you play!

If you need to do any team management, be sure to do it before you start a season. You are locked out of editing any team parameters until you finish the season, which can go on for 162 games! Double check your team’s stamina, conditions, and positions before you commit to a game.

MLB Perfect Inning 15 is a very deep game with a lot of variables to manage, so if you discover any other tips or strategies you’d like to share, let us know in the comments!

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MLB Perfect Inning 15 Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. I absolutely love the graphics in this game!! What i don’t like is my player stats reset all the time!! Sometimes i can play 4 or 5 games then it resets and sometimes i play 1 or 2 games and it resets. Very frustrating. On the google play page for this game it says the bug for that issue has been fixed. Well, it obviously hasn’t since i’m still having this issue! Hopefully this will be fixed soon!!

  2. This happened to me a few times as well and I found a solution as soon as you finish your game start another one then save it by going to the main menu as long as you have a game in progress your stars will not erase again

  3. i have the kc royals and i won the world series 2 times now i chose minor level n the batter box shall we say isnt there so its hard to swing any tips


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