Mission Guide for The Battle of Blizzard Bridge in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


Before Kirby can face the boss of Winter Horns in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, he must cross a perilous bridge full of fearsome mini-bosses that stand in his path! The aptly named Battle of Blizzard Bridge is one big slug fest, and we’ll show you how to get through it and complete all the missions with our The Battle of Blizzard Bridge mission guide!

The Battle of Blizzard Bridge Mission Guide

Save the hidden Waddle Dees

  1. In the beginning of the level, you’ll fight a Wild Edge. After the mini-boss fight, there will be an opening on the left side of the bridge arch. Using the Sword ability, cut the vine hanging onto the cone, but make sure you time it so that it lands on the moving platform below. Become Cone Mouth Kirby and go to the bottom to break a crack in the floor with the first Waddle Dee.
  2. After fighting Fleurina, make sure to inhale her to get Tornado. Shortly after her fight, there will be another opening on the right side of the bridge arch. Use Tornado to hit the fan in the middle to raise the gate, then quickly hit the red switch. A platform will rise up from the water, so quickly become Vending Mouth Kirby and run over to the left to destroy the shutter. The second Waddle Dee is waiting for you here.
  3. After fighting Wild Bonkers, make sure to grab the Hammer ability from him. Shortly after his fight, there will be a stake on the right side wall. You’ll enter an obstacle course where you must hit the stakes with Hammer to pull back the walls on the top. The walls slowly move back, so you must use Car Mouth Kirby to race to the end to get the Waddle Dee.
  4. After fighting Wild Bonkers, you’ll come across a portion of the bridge that has collapsed, and you must jump across small platforms to make it across. While standing on the platforms, you can see the Waddle Dee floating below you, so fall down to rescue them, then quickly fly back up to solid ground.
  5. After fighting Twin Wild Frosty, make sure to inhale one of them to get the Ice ability. As you’re approaching the golden cage, stick to the right, and you should see a path that goes around the corner. Use Ice to cool down the flaming blocks. In the secret room, there’s a Kabu spinning back and forth between a narrow passageway. Use Ice to freeze it until it becomes an ice block, then kick it forward to hit the red switch. Quickly go down to become Pipe Mouth Kirby, and jump over the gaps to break open the wall leading to the final Waddle Dee.

Remove 4 wanted posters

  1. Near the first hidden Waddle Dee, there’s a wanted poster with Elfinin on the left wall. Hit it with any attack to remove it.
  2. After rescuing the second hidden Waddle Dee, don’t leave the room just yet. There should be a new block near the door, so jump on it and the camera will pan up to reveal another wanted poster.
  3. Near the third hidden Waddle Dee, there’s a wanted poster below the first wall you pull back, right next to the Hammer monkey.
  4. Near the final hidden Waddle Dee, the last wanted poster is hiding behind the cracked wall you must break with Pipe Mouth Kirby.

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Beat Twin Wild Frosty without getting hit

The final battle on the bridge will pit you against two Wild Frosties at the same time. For this mission, you’ll need to defeat both without taking a single hit. Unless you’re super comfortable with an ability, we recommend a ranged ability so that you can keep your distance, like Ranger, Fire, or Ice.

Take a detour and find a Maxim Tomato

At the start of the level, walk over to the left, and you’ll see some rubble. Get close enough and the camera should pan over, revealing a small hole you can walk you through. Go around the corner and the Maxim Tomato will be waiting for you!

Those are all the missions for The Battle of Blizzard Bridge. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Mission Guide for The Battle of Blizzard Bridge in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


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