Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms is an ambitious strategy RPG seeks to do away with the “auto-battle” mechanic that seems to plague a lot of RPGs nowadays. Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms features large scale battles with huge groups of troops clashing in an all-out war. Planning and position is key, as each type of unit will head towards their foes in a unique manner. Mastering each unit is key to victory in this complex strategy game. We’ll help you conquer your foes with our Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Break through to the backline!

In just about any battle, breaking through and taking out the enemy backline will generally determine whether or not you will win the battle. You will need a firm grasp on the targeting mechanic that each unit type has in order to do this. If you tap on the “Strategist” button, you can play through short training missions that demonstrate exactly how each unit behaves in terms of targeting.

The most important thing to remember is that Calvary units – if not impeded by a unit in their direct line of sight – will always target the furthest (that means closest to your enemy’s side) unit in a nearby row. This tactic is one of the most basic and easiest ways to get through to an enemy’s backline. Clever placement of your calvary units will give you a big advantage.

2. Defend your backline!

Defend your backline while attacking your enemy’s is the key to success in this game. Melee units like Infantry, Lancers and Maulers will always attack enemies directly in their line. Protect your squishier backline units by placing melee units in front of them. Cover your flanks and watch out for the enemy calvary units! You can block them off by simply placing any unit – preferably one of the aforementioned melee units – on their row. Keep in mind that calvary units will target the farthest units in other rows if there is nothing in their way. Stop them dead in their tracks as they are most threatening to your whole army.

3. Upgrade everything!

Your Monarch level is a direct representation of how strong your village is. Upgrading anything, and we mean everything, will increase your monarch points. You generally don’t need to prioritize upgrades because additional buildings you can construct are unlocked as your monarch rank increases. This means that you can upgrade just about anything without thinking too much about the long term consequences.

4. Master the targeting system!

Checking into the barracks will allow you to inspect your units more closely. You can see how their targeting works if you need a refresher, and we recommend brushing up on it every now and then. We’re serious about the targeting mechanic! The better you grasp how your units target, the better your battles will be. You can also look at their individual stats and tailor your strategy around them. For example Lancers have slightly less HP than Infantry, but they have more defense. Almost all of the battles you come across can be won on your first try, provided you have excellent positioning. If something isn’t working, you will most likely need to rethink your approach and unit positioning.

That’s all for Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave us a comment below!

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Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Can anyone on Earth tell me what the Souls you can collect for different Warriors do? Or if they even do Anything? It’d be nice if a site that says They got all these hints and tips might actually have a useful hint or tip…smdh..


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