Red Bit Games managed to create a really addictive racing game with Mini Turbo GP, but one that proves to be really frustrating as well. However, we are here to help you with some Mini Turbo GP cheats – a set of quick tips and tricks that will guide you through the game and hopefully help you get all the 1st place wins that you need to get on top of the leaderboards.

So if you can’t seem to be able to get any win in the game, check out the Mini Turbo GP cheats and tips below and hopefully you’ll become a champ in no time!

It’s all about learning the tracks
This goes for real life pilots and it goes for pixelated Mini Turbo GP pilots as well: you have to learn the tracks and especially the tricky turns if you want to stand a chance. So play the same track over and over again until you know if perfectly, and only then you will be able to win it.

Take advantage of the power-ups
Along the race, at certain points, there will be useful power-ups, like the grip bonus, super bonus (lets you race on grass without a penalty) or nitro bonus. Try to get as many as possible as these definitely help you gain some extra advantage. The bags of dollars (points) are pretty worthless, though.

Avoid the obstacles
Water puddles, candies (or whatever they are), oil puddles… these are all obstacles that will slow you down one way or another. They will remain in the same spot for the entire duration of the race, so make sure you avoid them at all costs if you want to win.

Tight turns
Instead of taking the wide turns, try to learn to take tight turns. Don’t be afraid to use the break to do so – but don’t keep it pressed for too long! Also, it’s best to learn to take these tight turns without the break for the bonus speed.

Adjust the controls
If the default control scheme doesn’t work for you for any reason, you can try other control schemes by adjusting the settings in the main menu. You can even go for tilt controls, but I don’t recommend them.

It’s all about the power of the car
In the end, the more powerful your car, the better your time and chances to win 1st place. So don’t hesitate: as soon as you have unlocked a new and better car, make sure to use it in future races.

And these would be our Mini Turbo GP tips and tricks. I really hope you find them useful!


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