Welcome back to the blocky world of Minecraft! It has been a long time coming, but Phase Two of the grand “Update Aquatic” is finally here with the drop of patch 1.5. This phase introduces the remaining aspects of the Aquatic Update, including new mobs, items, and of course crafting recipes.

The first – and most important – addition of the  Update Aquatic are turtles! These gentle green-shelled animals will spawn on warm beaches in small groups. There will be grown up turtles and baby turtles, and some turtles will actually lay eggs on the beaches. Players can manually breed turtles by feeding them Seagrass.

When a baby turtle grows into an adult, it will shed its shell and leave behind a Scute. Five Scutes can be crafted into a Turtle Shell, which is a helmet piece. Equipping the Turtle Shell gives you the Water Breathing buff upon diving, providing you with extra time underwater. This is a must for all aspiring aquatic adventurers!

Alternatively, brewing a Turtle Shell into an Awkward Potion will result in the “Potion of the Turtle Master,” which grants the Slowness debuff and the Resistance buff. You will truly feel like a turtle as you slowly shuffle around, you walking fortress you!

There is also a new, rare block called the Conduit. To create a Conduit, you will need eight Nautilus Shells and one Heart of the Sea, a rare item found inside underwater treasure chests. When placed, Conduit blocks will grant nearby players that are submerged the “Conduit Power” buff. Conduit Power grants unlimited breath, underwater night vision, and increased mining speed. You can build nifty underwater bases with this block!

A new world effect called Bubble Columns has been implemented as well. You can find them naturally occurring underwater, and coming in contact with one will refill your breath meter. They will also push or pull you depending on which way the bubbles are flowing. You can create a pulling Bubble Column by placing Magma Block underwater, and a pushing one by using Soul Sand.

Phase Two of the  Update Aquatic is finally here, so grab your diving gear and get to exploring! Minecraft is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


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