Minecraft: What Does the Channeling Enchantment Do?

Minecraft is a legendary sandbox adventure game. There you can build yourself a house you like, explore different areas, and fight formidable opponents. Of course, you are able to find lots of treasures like rare or enchanted weapons. But these enchantments are obtainable not only through magic weapons you can find but also through a special table or enchanted books. Sometimes these pieces of leather with paper inside can carry interesting magic effects. Today we are going to talk about one of the most remarkable ones – the Channeling Enchantment. This guide will explain to you what it does and how to use it.

What Does the Channeling Enchantment Do?

Channeling Enchantment in Minecraft is a special magic effect that can be applied only to a trident. It summons lightning strikes on an enemy you hit with a thrown trident. This enchantment demands a few things to work. You need to throw a trident during a thunderstorm and the mob you hit must be exposed to the open sky. If there is no storm or something above the mob gets in the way of lightning, the strike won’t occur.

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Also in Java Edition, it can’t hit the mob in Water, Lava, Soul Sand, Honey Block, Snow (layer 8), and Cobweb. Lightning strike can’t hit the enemy in Boat or Minecart when it moves. However, if you hit Armor Stand next to the mob, or Lightning Rod you will summon the lightning.

How to Use Channeling Enchantment in Minecraft

Tridents enchanted with Channeling may be used to create Zombie Pigmans or other mobs that may be spawned with lightning. Also, you can try to create interesting buildings based on Lightning Rod and its function of emitting Redstone signals. It can be something like a door that may be opened with a magic trident thrown in a particular place during a thunderstorm.

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