Minecraft – What Does SMP Mean?


Minecraft is a very large game. It contains a bunch of servers, mods, and various terms. One of these terms is SMP. In this guide, we will tell you what SMP is.

What is SMP in Minecraft?

SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer. This is a kind of multiplayer survival game mode in Minecraft. There are different servers, for example, Vanilla, Peaceful, Modded, Anarchy. There is also the YouTuber Dream server, which provides the Minecraft scripted game.

SMP in Minecraft is a server genre that focuses on the survival aspect of Minecraft, but with the community. And Minecraft was originally made exactly as an SMP-type of game, without any mods and plugins.

In fact, earlier, even before the abundance of servers, plugins, mods, the SMP mode in Minecraft was the most popular.

Let’s consider some types of SMP servers in Minecraft:

  • Anarchy. There are no rules, restrictions, complete freedom, anyone can do what he or she wants. But complete freedom is not always useful because everyone does what he wants. And there are many players who may want to harm you or your building.
  • Vanilla is the cleanest version of Minecraft, the name vanilla due to the fact that the version of the game is standard, unchanged. There are no mods, plugins, etc. 
  • Semi-Vanilla is like vanilla, but there are plugins that make life easier to make things more convenient for players, for example, /tpa or /home commands. There may even be a shop to sell things to each other. The essence of the game is that it is not very different from Vanilla, but more convenient due to some plugins.

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Minecraft – What Does SMP Mean?


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